ZUCIN Oil Press

ZUCIN Oil Press

What is Cold Press Oil ?

Cold pressed oil refers to a method of oil extraction where the oilseeds are crushed and pressed to extract oil. The entire process involves pressure and low heat and that is what makes this oil healthier than any other form.

What is Refined Oil ?

As the name suggests, it is all about filtration of oil through various chemicals and heat (200 – 300 Degree)  that makes the final output very light and shiny in texture. The mechanical process makes the oilseeds lose the majority of nutrients that the human body needs on a daily basis. They are rich in fat and devoid of nutrition completely!

Facts about Edible Oil

                 Did you know seed oil cannot be cheaper than the cost of seeds ?

               Did you know it required 3Kg of groundnut seeds, to produce 1 Kg of ground nut oil ?

               Did you know 4 Kg – 5Kg Sundflower seeds requires to produce 1 kg sunflower oil ?

               Did you know your Children can extract oil from Zucin Cold Oil Press ?


Features of ZUCIN Home oil maker :

ZUCIN is easy to operate

ZUCIN extracted oil can be used to massage body

Oil can be extracted from seeds as small as 100 gms of seeds from ZUCIN cold oil press.

Oil Extracted from ZUCIN is without any preservatives hence it has to be used within 3-4 weeks.

ZUCIN Crusher system is made out of food grade stainless steel.

ZUCIN can be operate by children & Edlerly people safely.

ZUCIN extracted oil cake is rich in Protein & Fibres, it can be used for preparing delicious & nutritious sweets savories etc.


The ancient process of oil extraction 

When it comes to cooking oil, we all have heard a term called ‘Kachi Ghani' Or Gaana. The word 'Ghani' or ‘Gaana’  refers to a long cylindrical contraption that was used in early days to extract oil from oilseeds. It is more like a mortar and pestle device, made of stone or wood and is used to extract oil with the help of animals like cow or buffalo. This is the oldest and simplest method of oil extraction that did not involve refining process. Whereas, the modern age oil extraction process involves chemicals, Heavy heat.


Refined Oil V/s ZUCIN Cold pressed oil

Refined Oil

ZUCIN Cold Pressed oil

Its processed

Un processed

Forcible extraction : Seeds are subjected to heavy heat during extraction

Natural Extraction : Extracts the oil from seeds in its pure and natural form

Due to heated extraction these oils emit foul smell. Hence deodorants are added.

No foul smell.

During refining process oil is heated 200 – 300; C

Very minimal heat (one third of the set temp)

Increased shelf life due to artificaial ingredients & processed

Short shelf life (3 – 4 weeks), thus proving its natural taste



Technical Specifications

Nominal Voltage

220V-240V     50 Hz / 110V 60Hz

Rated Power


Type of heating

Heating tube

Oil Extraction capacity

1.2 – 1.5 Kg oil / Hr (varies with different seeds)

Oil storage capacity


Maximum duty cycle

2 Hours / Day

Type of Press

Screw Cold press


460x420x220 (mm)

Nett / Gross weight

5.5 Kg / 6.88 Kg

Temperature control

Sensor keeps the machine temp under control

Power cord

Indian 3 pin plug (5A)*


 ZUCIN Cold oil  press can extract oil from following seeds :


 Ground nut 






Sun flower seeds



















  Flax seeds














   Pine Nut










 Water Melon Seed


 Soya Bean

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