WPC outdoor tiles/decking boards merge aesthetics, with exceptional durability & low maintenance to perfection. Our WPC tiles/decking planks exhibit the appearance of premium prefinished wood, with a weathering capability far greater than any natural timber. Resistant to fading, staining, scratching, fungus, splitting, cracking and rot. Outdoor tiles/deck planks, unlike natural wood, do not require any maintenance of regular sanding, oiling, sealing or termite treatment. WPC outdoor tiles/decking is cost effective with low costs owing to no maintenance over its lifetime.

Unmatched Performance

What is it Made of?

WPC is a combination of recycled wood flour and HDPE thermoplastics. Nearly 90% of raw materials in WPC are from secondary sources, that would either be dumped in landfills or burnt. The environmental impact in manufacturing WPC is negligible with the consumption of high volume recycled non-toxic raw materials combined with a production process free of toxic emissions or effluent discharge.

The outcome however is an exceptionally durable, cost efficient and low environmental impact material, offering superlative aesthetic appeal with remarkable weathering performance.

1X1 SqFt
Brown. Grey, Brick Red, Black

Places Where WPC Tiles can be used