To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves.

Entire nation, businesses, communities and groups can benefit from the implementation of programs and policies that adopt the notion of women empowerment. Empowerment of women is necessity for the development of a society, since it enhances both the quality and the quantity of human resources available for development.

Today Almost 50% of the populations in India are women, the complete development of the country depends on the half population means women, who are not empowered and still restricted by many social taboos. Agriculture and horticulture are dominated by male. As of today horticulture and agriculture report says 70% of graduates and post graduates are women.

Number of women graduates coming out of university are unable to find a career in their prospective education, education related industries.

There is no change of the welfare of the world unless the condition of the women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wings

As My dream garden is a horticultural domain, with the vision to convert all the vacant terrace and balcony into organic garden across India. It has an immense potential to employ thousands of women agricultural and horticultural graduates. Apart from Agricultural or Horticultural graduates, other educational stream graduate's requirement is very high in Agro tech startups as of today.

Urban Gardening & Composting provides a huge scope to these graduates as they are experts in the technical knowledge about gardening & different ways of composting in their academics.

Here in My Dream Garden, we have a diverse role of jobs for women graduates in various departments i.e. Research, Maintenance of gardens, Marketing, Quality Check, Production etc¦

Interviews of women employee


Name-Greeshma Reddy .B.C

MSc Horticulture in soil science
Place Bhadravathi, Shimoga Karnataka
Their roles- Research Associate, in charge for My Plant Doctor

Experience in My Dream Garden - Interacting with customers and creating awareness of greenery is a joyful adventure. My Dream Garden has given me such an important role to play - interacting with various groups from children to elderly people through trainings, workshops, casual discussions and many more. It gives me an immense pleasure to start with these initiatives and now people recognize me as DOCTOR” which is a great thing. Thank you MY DREAM GARDEN for recognizing me in this field and hope I will keep up the trust that company has on me.

Message-"Little girls with dreams, will become women with vision."

Greeshma Reddy, born and brought up in a middle-class family in Bhadravathi, Shimoga district and the only daughter to the entire family. I did not grow with my parents but instead with my grandparents where I was taken care more than my parents. Our family was rich in self-respect but poverty made us strong to get popularize in our community where we use to struggle even for one-time meals. Even my grandparents did not worry but took care of me in that condition and admitted me to the top most school in Bhadravathi, even many of the people asked why so risk to educate a girl child. The only reply of my family was she should not be like us.

I grew up observing the family conditions which made me to take a strong decision that I have to make my parents proud and happy at least for the rest of their life. But god was jealous about my decision and took away my father who was my major strength to achieve my goals. That was a crucial time for my mother to take decision about our survival, sometimes life teaches us to be strong even which made my mother more courageous to handle situations and with her determination today I proudly say I have completed my Masters in Horticulture because of my mother with many hurdles on our way both socially and financially.

After completion of my studies I was sitting idle at home without job for 2 months which made my relatives to scold my mother about my higher education and joblessness, but my mother's silence made me to acquire a job as Lecturer in a private university but after some days I was placed at My Dream Garden as a Research Associate. With my hard work, courage and determination given by team today I am able to handle thousands of clients with any background in our workshops, live shows and customers meetings. These all happened because of Green City Training Confederation which gave me hopes, strength, courage, motivation to learn life in all ways. Now I am able to lead my life as my parents wanted. Today all my family members and relatives are proud watching me in Facebook and YouTube as one of their favourite host in the field of gardening.
Yes, it's true, difficult roads always leads to beautiful destinations; my difficulties, problems gave me strength which made me a beautiful sculpture today to achieve my goals and yet more to achieve.


Name- Niveditha .C .K


Place- Coorge, Karnataka

Their roles-Maintenance operation executive.

Experience in My Dream Garden -Great opportunity to work with My Dream Garden, friendly environment and it's an opportunity to enhance the gain knowledge about gardening.

Message- "A man can do what a man's got to do. A woman must do what he can't."

Here is story of a girl from Coorg, which is called as a Scotland of India, well known for tasty coffee, Beautiful greenery with Ghat sections. I am Niveditha Kuttappa born and brought up with this kind of nature in a Middle-class family leading a comfortable life.

I was born in the Year 1995 where my parents had a lot of Struggles in their life. Inspite of all these problems, they never said No for the things that I wanted and needed. I am the little girl of my family who is very much stubborn for the things that needed for me. I completed my Schooling in Residential school where I learnt lot many things doing all by myself. After completion of Schooling I dreamed to become doctor so I taught to Join Science stream. My dad took me to admission in SDM College, Ujire, where I did not get Science stream as I was too late for the admission. My friend got a seat in Science stream whereas I got seat in Commerce department. But with influence from Some Politician, our Principal accepted to give seat in Science stream but with different combination PCMS. Then I joined the same, by giving up my wish to become a Doctor. Later I completed Pre-University, it was the time to join U.G. Course where I wanted to do Engineering, but my parents joined me to do B.Sc as my Degree. But as I was strongly determined to do Engineering, I left my food for a week, stopped talking to my dad and brother. Later they also fulfilled my wish of joining Engineering, even though my Brother still opposed me.

Here starts my BE Life, I was the most pet, admiring student of our class, I was not much marks oriented, as theory was boring always. I was very much interested in Practical things and extra curriculum activities.

After completion of BE I left coorg and came to Bangalore, joined 6 months JAVA and MANUAL TESTING Course, after that I started searching for jobs but I was afraid of how people and new places will be and I stopped attending interviews for the same afraid. Later with reference of my brother, I joined My Dream Garden, where I learnt lot many things by doing many mistakes. Every mistake of mine has been accepted by MDG and given a chance to correct and I am guided in the right way. From every mistake I made, I learnt some new lessons. As I was from farming background it did not take much time to learn about gardening. Initially I started working in Garden Maintenance Department in which I used to collect photos after maintenance, Maintain seed stock, Gardeners Kit materials and tools, report Generation, files segregation etc   I learnt here all practically by doing myself from seeds sowing, Irrigation, weeding, cleaning, staking, harvesting, medicine spray, Nutrient application and took all observations and recorded. I was trained under GCTC, where I learnt from identification of seeds, Potting media and its preparation, growing of plants, Thinning, mulching, harvesting, Pest and disease management, Pollination, all in a scientific way. I will be always thankful My Dream Garden and GCTC for training me in such a way. I feel proud that I am not less than any agriculture or horticulture graduate, as I am completely from non-farming background in my studies. It always gives me immense pleasure to learn new things from each and everyone even from Mamu to our CEO Ashok sir.
GCTC helped me to improve my Professional skills, Vocabulary skills, Human resource management, Business tactics, Personality development, Time management, New innovations and ideas to improve myself.  So, at the end I will conclude saying that for learning new things courses, age, time doesn't matter. Our interest, eager, humbleness and determination to learn will take us somewhere which even we can’t think. I always feel proud to say that I am trained under GCTC.

NAME : Manjula B.M.

PLACE: Chintamani, Chikkaballapura

EDUCATION: B.Sc. Sericulture

I am Manjula from Chintamani. Basically, born in middle class family. I completed my primary education in government school and then I perceived science in P.U.C. After completion of P.U.C. I was in dilemma that what to do next. Many of my friends and relatives suggest to join agriculture course as it has very good scope and there is lot of job opportunities. Then I decided to join agriculture. My father faced many struggles to pay fees for me and my brother at the same time. As I was a merit student I got many scholarships, with this I completed my B.Sc. agriculture with gold medal. My parents felt very happy when I received gold medal from Honourable Governor. I got MSc seat in reputed university, I was interested to do my post graduation in entomology. But because of financial problem I unable to do my M.Sc. Then I decided to do job to support my family. When I started searching for job I faced many problems, I worked in a bank for 2 months, but I didn’t have self-satisfaction, because I was interested to do job in agriculture related companies to explore my knowledge and to learn new things. So, I left the job then I found My Dream Garden in Facebook which is mainly related to terrace gardening. After entering into My Dream Garden with theoretical knowledge, I learned many things practically, and also I improved my communication skills, confidence, and personality. MDG has provided a good platform to explore my knowledge and to learn new things related to plants scientifically. Then I was trained under GCTC. GCTC played a major role in building my confidence, and customer handling, and also shows the ways to become an entrepreneur. So, join GCTC if you want to be self-employed and become an urban farmer. Have your own garden, consume fresh vegetables, and lead a healthy and happy life.


NAME : Kavitha B.M.

PLACE: Uttara Kannada

EDUCATION: B.Sc. Horticulture

I am Kavita B.M. from Uttara kannada. Born and brought up in a middle-class family, where no one is aware of agriculture and farming but I was interested in plants and gardening. I completed my schooling from JNV North Canara and after completion I thought it was the right time to choose agriculture for the degree course. The course was mostly of theoretic rather than practical. After completion, due to some hindrances I could not apply for M.Sc. and started to take coaching for Banking exams. But the time lapse between banking exams was too far so I thought of giving a try to jobs related to agriculture. Being a girl, it was very difficult to find a job because wherever I go, they ask mainly about experience and preferred boys than girls.

So, I tried my best and approached risks about jobs but could not get any. So, someone referred me about My Dream Garden, an independent organisation that excels in terrace gardening. And without delay I approached them and got selected in the interview. I always wished to work in agriculture related company and MDG was like boon for me to learn more about gardening. It was my pleasure to be trained under GCTC that made me unemployed to self-employed. It gave me new opportunities and courage to face any hurdles that came in my way.
A big thanks to GCTC and My Dream Garden.


NAME : Dakshayini S.

PLACE: Bangaepete, Kolar

My Name is Dakshayini S. I have grown up as a Younger child of my family. During my childhood I have grown up in the Village where we have so many pet animals in home and a nice garden around my home. Growing Around them made me love them like anything.

I have completed my Schooling in my hometown where we used to learn so many things. In my school I used to participate in the Essay writing competition in which I have achieved the writing skills. After my successful completion of the Schooling my parents thought of sending me to Secondary education. I have completed my primary education in the year 2013
In Primary education I was very interested about the subject “Science”. So, I thought of electing Science as my elective subject in my Secondary education. I have joined to a well-known college nearby my hometown to pursue my Secondary education. I have completed the Secondary in the year 2015.

After the Completion of the Secondary education, I was very much interested on Agriculture field as my father is a farmer. I thought of excelling in the same field. Unfortunately, due to the Scoring of the entrance exam I lost the opportunity to study Agricultural B.Sc. But still then I did not lose the interest to learn and taken B.Sc. CBZ as my subject for career.

For my Graduation degree, I chose to study in a small city which is well known for its heritage which includes well known places which we can use it for our research work. In my college we used to have so many industrial trips for research work. Once we visited the Nandi Hills which is famous for its environment for research on plants. Once we visited the KOMUL where we have learned how the Quality milk products are delivered to the customers.

After the completion of my graduation degree I was searching a job suited for my profile. Meanwhile I was searching the jobs in government sector. Between I got the opportunity to attend interview in “My Dream Garden” with the help of my sisters’ friend. It was a nice experience on the day of interview. Interviewer was very friendly, because of which I did my interview well without any concerns.
I was appointed as a Jr. Accountant in My Dream Garden. Here you might have got doubt on my education and Profession. A person who completed her degree in Science working as Accountant. Yes, Beginning I also got the same doubt but later, I have crossed all the consequences and working as a Jr. Accountant successfully with the help of My Dream Garden Staff.

I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. In my job, this passion led me to challenge myself daily and learn new skills that helped me to do better work. For example, I taught myself how to learn the accounting methodologies and learned with the help of my seniors and achieved a bit.

One good thing what I liked about My work place is its Garden. It was in the same way what I thought of working. Here the Staff are very friendly, in case of any problem they will solve it very quickly and in Smarter way.
As this is my first job in my career. I felt My Dream Garden family as my family. I liked my work place very well because If I am very much stressed about the work I can go and spend some quality time in My Garden which is like a stress buster. Coming to my work I need to communicate with all the team members about Finance, Expenses and solving problems and more through which my communication skills have increased.
At last I would like to thank GCTC (Green City Training Confederation) because of this I learned more things about gardening and improved my speaking skills. This is a good platform for learners. And also, I would like to thank all my staff members for their encouragement and support towards me. Thank you, My Dream Garden, and GCTC


NAME : Maithri G.L.
PLACE: Bedarashivanakere, Chitradurga
EDUCATION: B.Sc. Horticulture

Life is a journey, it’s in our hands to make it worthful. Yes, its true to create our way of life we lead, the way we are examples to others. Being heard this quote from years and years in my school and college, I decided to study hard and to get good marks, so that I can own a good job and dignity in my life.

I am Maithri . From a village near to Chitradurga, completed bachelors in horticulture from university of horticulture, Bagalkot. When I got distinction in SSLC, I got good appreciation from relatives and family. The same thing repeats when I came up with good marks at P.U.C and degree. When I completed my P.U.C, There was a misbelief at that time i.e. agriculture or horticulture graduates get a high payed job, immediately after completion of the degree. So I decided to join one of these streams. I got a seat in B.Sc. horticulture at 2014. I was in a day dream that I can get this type of appreciation and support from my family, friends and relatives all the time of my life and I am living with that perception only up to completion of my education. But my fate waiting to make me a fool silently. Yes, all the appreciation, support disappeared in the air when I was jobless.

I am jobless ; not because I don’t have any talent , knowledge or inability to do a job ,its because I am a woman and I am incapable to do the same job as much as a man. It’s because of the foolish thought of our so called society which worships so many goddess every day.

I was stuck and drowned completely in the whorl pool of being jobless and annoyed by all. In my village I became the bad example to the parents who are giving higher education to their daughters. Finally, I decided to do something and came to Bangalore in search of a job. I came to know about One such company in which 70% of staff is females. Without much delay I came for interview and finally I got a job. When I came to the office, I was absolutely zero at handling customer and in actual practicality about business. At that time I realized the quality education, degrees, 16 years I spent in education all are restricted to only some numbers on the marks card.

Again, I started to lose hope about success. The time is always right to do what is right. Then I trained under GCTC. GCTC played a major role in building my confidence, work efficiency and customer handling. Also shows the ways to become an entrepreneur. Now I am with a hope in life to become an entrepreneur. Thanks to GCTC trainers and My Dream Garden.


NAME : Geetha S. G. Aradhya
PLACE: Sira, Tumkur
EDUCATION: B.Sc. Horticulture

Their roles-Maintenance operation executive.

I am Geetha Shree S G Aradya..
I am from Sira of Tumkur ..

Completed my graduation in College of horticulture Bangalore affiliated to University of horticultural sciences Bagalkot.

I am from a family background where most of the Indians are come from (Middle class). With lots of struggle and love I had been brought up in home as a ray of hope. My parents used to work on daily wage basis. I feel it was a wonderful life because every little thing would come to my home after so much of waiting with more excitement. When I was 12 year old we got a TV in our home with 1 year of saving from my mom and dad. Having family background quite adhesive to the agriculture , I got the idea to pursue my graduation in horticulture as it has vast scope in the carrier building too along with serving the farmer and mother nature.

Being a Horticultural degree graduate I had a passion towards horticulture and so many issues that farmers are facing. Thus I opted and want to be a Horticultrist with much more passion.
But beside my passion I should support my family financially very badly. Thus, I entered into private sector (My Dream Garden) job in my sector and in which subject I have studied 4 years investing all my interest and passion. I was little sarcastic towards govt job since my childhood because according to me we can't express our professional skills and passion altogether in govt job .So finally I found myself much more comfortable to be in My Dream Garden as I had good job , position in addition I haven't lost my passion too.

After entering MDG with all theoretical knowledge and vast conceptual wisdom about my subject , I was bit lag with my practical orientation towards my subject . But this MDG provided wonderful platform to improvise my professional skills practically. It put forth a frontier stage to gain confident and to deal with heterogeneous people and which helped me in exchange of knowledge , experience ,confidence, communication skills...

MDG has succeeded in this field because it has strong conceptual base. The concept is Terrace gardening a boon for most of the green lovers. A boon for the busy scheduled persons. Now at present scenario in the overcrowded cities like Bangalore you can't even imagine to grow vegetables on your own, in the premises of Ur home but MDG itself proved and stood very tall as evident proof that you can do it. It's been very innovative and very useful with all the concepts and things it has introduced to this society such as terrace gardening biodiversity garden etc

With all things keeping aside everyone living in cities have forgotten from where we have come from and where we are stood right now. From the womb of mother nature to the surrounding of concrete building. In each and every evolutionary step of human mother nature was with us but we have just come out of her by devastating the one who was/is/ will be with us (nature).Thus as solution for all of this MDG has brought a solution in the name of urban farming and to develop self-employers that is GCTC. I am proud to say that I have been trained and brought up under GCTC, now I have heights of knowledge and confidence to be an entrepreneur.

Thanks to GCTC and MDG


NAME : Sandhya Rani
PLACE: Kolar
EDUCATION: B.Sc. Horticulture

A Green Village with Farms, Pet Animals, Village games, Fairs. Wow! such a wonderful heaven of greenery where I was borne and bought up. As I was from a middle-class family, I was sent to free schooling in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kolar. After completion of Pre-University, my father who is basically a farmer wanted me to Join Horticulture to bring solutions that farmers face in farming field. Father; My best friend of my life, motivated and helped me for doing Herbarium, Models, Insect Collections, Projects etc where I furnished lot of joy and rejoice with my studies. He is one who made me what I am Today. As my father was a holder of Degree during 1980’s he also forced me to join Masters. But I rejected as my father felt ill and it was in high necessity to extend my help of earnings to my family. So I decided to join 3 moths UPSC coaching centre and completed it. Later the question arised...... what next???

As I was not much keen towards competitive examinations and immediate earnings was necessary, so I started attending interviews in many Agriculture Organizations who rejected me as I was a girl who cannot travel all along days and nights, few rejected as I was fresh candidate. With the reference of my friend I joined MY DREAM GARDEN where I was trained to work under Customer relationship management as E-mail Support and Research department. With my Fathers motivation of farming and the learnings about his experience about vegetable farming I used to connect it with terrace farming which made me do some research on Seed's germination and growth. I am happy to share that I would have no where got the recognition, training and opportunities which I got in My Dream Garden. I’m proud ad grateful to say the iam the outcome of GCTC had thought me Personality development, Skill development, Resource management, Time management and entrepreneur shipskills. GCTC is the best platform to learn and explore the new things.

Name- Navya K

MSc Horticulture (vegetable science)

Place- Chikkaballapur, Karnataka

Their roles- General Manager

Experience in My Dream Garden Before coming to my dream garden I just had only the knowledge on plants now my interest has been converted into a passion. Apart from that I have gained many skills in gardening and requirements of urban gardeners. To share in a word I am in an excellent journey of my carrier.

Message- "Don't dream alone, spread knowledge, create skilled and green world."

Being and bought up as a elder daughter from a farmer family my parents wanted me to complete my under graduation in Horticulture and join for some Government job. All my classmates studied for years to clear their UPSC and Banking exams few awaited for Govt job. I was dreaming to achieve something in Horticulture where I thought to have a specialized degree and with a hard struggle I completed my M.Sc. in Vegetable Science. When I was out from the college, I realised the complexity of finding a job as a women in farming sector. Without analysing any educational achievements Agri companies rejected to provide job as I was a women. I was warned in my family to get married and everyone used to blame me as I couldn't able to get job. With many hardships I joined My Dream Garden where I was let to do planting in the garden. I was not at all confident about the way I was planting and also, I was surprised to see growing vegetables in containers which was entirely opposite to the methodologies what we are thought in our universities. I owed interest in Terrace gardening and started learning things by doing garden work and by visiting hundreds of gardens all around Bangalore at My Dream Garden for around 40 days. In those 40 days my perception of growing plants changed and I was so confident about planting techniques. After which I started discussing my Horticulture knowledge by blending it with my experience of visiting many terrace gardens to my research head who considered them and planned to implement many things in which all gave fruitful results.

Garden services was a challenging task in entire My Dream Garden Organization where I was waiting for an opportunity to work for. By interacting with thousands of people providing solutions to their garden problems, managing around 40 gardeners, implementing new ideologies to ease the process, looking at the research aspects, working on the revenue part which was done by a whole and sole woman who was rejected by many companies before. Never I felt pressurised to manage things because I was enjoying leading the people for a good will and loved that I am contributing to Greenify my India by educating people. My hard work and results was noticed by our Founder and CEO who involved me in many managemental decisions slowly and guided me about people management, Managerial aspects, Business pathways and problems in entrepreneurship with the intention to make us entrepreneurs who should not face the same struggles which he had faced during his 6 years of journey. I am overwhelmed to be a part of My Dream Garden and privileged to say that I am trained under the pilot project of GCTC to be self-employed. With all confidence I can now sustain as an entrepreneur and struggle to commercialize farming by adding lot of value to plants and to be a cause of social change.