Water Bodies

Gardening is the greatest tonic and therapy a human being can have. Even a small area of space available can be beautified with greenery and designed in the way we want to.

Water bodies are the most attractive part of every landscape design. Serene and lovely water bodies play a major role in landscape designing. Water bodies act as a natural element and can elevate the feeling of relaxation in any outdoor space. These beautiful elements also deliver many other environmental benefits as well. Water bodies can drive your mood into positivity and give pleasant feeling. The soothing sound of the water body is an added element which makes it so special.

There are different ways in which the water bodies can be incorporated in outdoor as well as indoor gardening.

Front yard waterfall

A beautiful water feature can add life to your landscape hence designing it keeping a frontier with appealing nature is very much necessary.

Waterfall in the front yard gives a natural look to your home and forms the major part of your landscape.

The waterfall also acts as a decorative feature made of rocks and stones from which the water cascades down. It gives the look of a huge mountain waterfall in our small front yard area itself.

It can be made more attractive by using stones, rocks, gravels & pebbles

Water Fountains

Water fountains are the basic water feature in landscaping which enhances the look of the area and makes it feel refreshing. It is generally located at the center of the chosen area, making it look pleasing from all around.

Lighting effects can also be given to add to the beauty of the fountain. A water fountain can be designed creatively in different shapes which in turn becomes a decorative part of the landscape. Different sculptures and statues can also be used to enhance its beauty.

Ponds and pools

Ponds and pools are generally designed with some furniture like chairs and tables mainly to create a space to sit and relax as we say “Tea by the Poolside”. Adding beautiful pebbles and rocks makes it more natural. It adds an artistic element to the landscape and improves its aesthetic nature. It is a small water body having a depth made for the people to enjoy and decorates the place as well. It is also the most loved area for children in landscaping.

In addition to it, lotus plants & water lilies with some fish will make the pond extra special for recreational purposes.

Ponds & pools will be an additional spot in places like parks, resorts, restaurants, apartments, individual homes, villas etc.

Interior waterfall

A small, simple and elegant waterfall can be created in interior spaces with sculptures and statues to beautify it. This waterfall not only creates uniqueness but also keeps the house cool with the pleasant patter of the water Water plants can be added to these waterfalls which require very less maintenance but makes it more attractive & natural to look at.

Water bodies & Zen Gardens