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Ashok Kumar KC

Founder  – Chief Executive Officer,
Social Entrepreneur,
An MBA from NHCE Bangalore.

Mahesh LV,

Chief Operating Officer,

An MCA from AIT, Bangalore.

Keerthi Ashok

Managing Director

New Business Development.


Manikanta MS

Chief Mentor & Strategy Maker

Naveen Shankar


A team which stays together, to fight all the odds of our customers, with zeal to make their own dream garden. My dream garden has got a team which is best in accomplishing the target to bring back nature at your home. We always work in accordance with our customer’s satisfaction. As each one is expert in their fields but when we come together we do wonders.

My Dream garden is a leading urban farming company in India. Which is exclusive in facilitating and guiding people to grow their own chemical free foods on the terrace. After many years of research and experiment with different materials and proportion, My Dream Garden come up with an extraordinary potting mix, setups and services which is unique and need less maintenance.

What is our goal?

Helping for those who want a fresh environment with decorating balconies, front space, indoor and terrace to grow fresh organic vegetables on empty space.
We respect and value our customers requirements to convert every barren terrace into a farm yard. To bring change in the environment and to beat the heat and also to help the poor nature by avoiding chemicals. We help every person to learn, grow chemical free foods on their terrace.

Our vision

  • To promote environment friendly nature and chemical free vegetables.
  • To create awareness and training program on Organic Terrace Gardening.
  • To bring down the hazardous chemical effects on health and environment.
  • To provide a green essence on every terrace and other empty space.



To create an awareness on nature, pollution, health hazards and mental stress, and to recreating the nature in a small way on every terrace and balcony. Our motto

Our motto

To create a lush green, chemical free urban garden on every empty terrace, Balcony and empty land.

Connect to our team

Join us to create your own dream garden and contribute your bit to environment.

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