Sit out area is becoming a major part of any landscaping and planning a wonderful sit out area is very important. Balconies can be created as ticket to the outdoor world without leaving your home with beautiful sitting place.

If you have a garden without a seating then it’s a bird without wings we can say. Sitting in the middle of greenscape and enjoying the cool breathe is next level of recreation to anybody

Gardens are meant to be viewed and most gardeners spend the bulk of their time personally with the plants. Therefore Sit out area is an important aspect of any garden.

If you want to breathe fresh air in the morning, or a space to sip calming tea at when times get stressful, all you need a coffee table can help you achieve your happiness. Let’s add a beautiful focal point to your landscaping by introducing a innovative sit out space

There are no certain strict rules to design a sit out area; it depends on individual vision, preferences and choices

Hanging chairs

Create a seating space by adding hanging chairs to your balcony or terrace garden and utilize even the limited area of your garden

The chairs can be selected depending on space available and style and type of chairs can be selected on landscape theme

Be with nature

If you want a more natural seating area, which allow several people to sit together and spend some quality time in garden.adding candles can extend your time in garden

Metal designer chairs

Now give some modern look to your garden with designer chairs

Wooden chairs

Now give traditional and ancient look to your landscape by including wooden chairs. Enhance the beauty of these wooden chairs with your favorite color finish to get appealing feel

Sit out Area