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Sea Weed Extract - 500 ml

Quick Overview

Growth Promoter

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Nutrient rich Growth Promoter

Are your garden plants not growing properly?

Do you need your garden plants to be green and happy growing always?

Here is a solution to make your garden plants look green i.e. Sea Weed Extract

Product description

                  Sea weed extract   is nutrient rich growth booster which is extracted and processed from marine brown algae. It is prepared from dried Ascophyllum nodosum meal which is natural, organic, non-toxic and extracted from cold or hot water under high pressure, hence retaining all the bio-active and nutrient substances within it.

Benefits of using sea weed extract

  • Growth promoter- The presence of plant growth hormones in small quantities helps in promoting additional buds, increase the uptake of nutrients from the soil.
  •  Excellent Seed Germination: Seeds treated with Seaweed extraction improves seed germination due to the presence of natural hormones. 
  • Disease resistance- The presence of different major and micro-nutrients helps the plants in providing resistance to various pests and diseases. It improves the immune system of the plants to stress and frost conditions.
  • Balance nutrition- Since it contains organic micronutrient like calcium, zinc, Boron, Molybdenum and NPK content, application of sea weed extract help in supplying all nutrition in balance.
  • Soil enricher: Greatly improves the microbial activity in the soil.

Package quantity-Available in 100ml, 250 ml, 500ml bottles

Benefits: Soil Conditioner, Mineral Supply, Bio Stimulant, Slow Release of Nutrients (Na, C and Ca)

Dosage- 5ml of sea weed extract in one litre of water, mix thoroughly and apply to the soil.

Method of application-

                  100 ml of DILUTED SOLUTION (Refer dosage) has to be applied after one month of transplanting in grow bags, 250 ml per planter box and 10-15 ml per plant if you have individual plants in pots at 15 days interval.

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Brand Name My Dream Garden
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