Many of our clients have existing landscapes and they love them for good reason…because they hold lots of happy memories.
We frequently have clients who are excited to transform their existing Landscapes.
When we meet, we spend time helping you navigate through options that perhaps you have not considered before — like designing around your existing landscape, reusing elements, or simply breathing a bit of new life into an ageing space.

How to create a new design with an old design in place

Before we start designing anything, we thought fully analyse the area and all existing landscape elements. We use lawn, plants, trees and any unwanted hardscape elements as a starting point if they are present in the place. Gauging where the sun is during the day — and where the most shade will fall — will help with plant and lawn-choices. Shade and shade-tolerant plants are best for yards with large, mature trees already in place.
Next, we take a look at the existing hardscapes that might be in place. Aspects that usually need to be removed are plants that have outgrown the space they were planted in. We also remove things that aren’t functional. This is how we can integrate seamlessly with existing landscape elements.
Bangalore Climate has changed dramatically so that we can’t predict. People who have made landscapes may not relevant for today’s environment & weather conditions.
Many people contact us to revamp their existing landscapes with modern, trending ways & emphasis more for experiential purpose rather than just view purpose. As a leading Bangalore Landscapers we know how to make your existing landscapes unique and special.

Few major elements you can consider to add up, in Revamping of your existing Landscape

Artificial Grass
New Lawn
Deck for flooring
Landscape Lightings
Fabrication Works
Fabrication works
Civil Works
Bar Counter
Sit-out Areas
Water Bodies
Outdoor Furniture