• Best of class Talent. Highly Skilled Gardeners. Training and Skill Development. Customer centric. 

  • Best of Class Model Garden to implement our experiments.  Proper infrastructure. In house Fabrication Unit.

  • First time in India Best service model. Bringing constant change in service model to make gardening easy for all.  Customer Follow ups.

  • Experimenting and introducing new and easily adoptable products.  Integrated Development. High R & D Investment.

Soil availability in urban cities is constrained, especially while gardening and repotting, the upper layer of soil needs to be thrown out and replacing the soil is a gigantic task for urban gardeners. 

To find a solution for an alternative to soil, in which there is no need to throw the upper layer of the soil from the containers, we started an experiment for one and half year which resulted in best potting mix with just 20 % of soil, in which no need to throw the soil out of your garden forever, it just needs top up during the loss of potting mix due to soil loss and absorption of the nutrients by the plants.

Potting Mix 

It’s a never ending research process in My Dream Garden involves research activities to make gardening easy for everyone, who loves to have a veggie, herbal, fruit garden on their terraces and balconies across India.Government of Karnataka recognized My Dream Garden work in urban gardening and gave an opportunity to train the public about potting mix preparations, where we have given 550+ trainings across Karnataka state.The research continued in making gardening easy, we brought different sizes of most affordable Grow Bags to market which was light weight, easy to carry and more than 5 years of durability. Maintenance and cleaning work in garden is a big hurdle for any home gardener for which we consulted hundreds of people and gathered information. We introduced Garden stands of different sizes. Today My Dream Garden stands reduced maintenance & cleaning to a great extent resulting in motivating many people to garden. Along with Garden Stands many people were dreaming to make a Green House. By consulting many people who want greenhouse, we came with permanent structure with high quality materials for long lasting durability and Portable greenhouse models.


Though most of our parents are associated directly or indirectly with agriculture, as a result of urbanization and modernization, most of us don’t even know how to start an organic vegetable garden. My Dream Garden played a crucial role in creating awareness by conducting Workshops and which include following activities.

We started experimenting in all these areas with possible models, so that it will be easy for people to start gardening on their terraces and balconies.

Magic Planter Box 

A unique container made for the urban gardening especially for Vegetables, fruits, herbs, flower and ornamental plants.

Why and how we made Magic Planter Box 

  1. In our survey we found majority of people who do gardening are 70 % women and elderly people. 
  2. Housewives are more health conscious to feed their families healthy food. They love gardening and have time to maintain the garden.
  3. Elderly people find gardening as the best hobby for their retirement life, bending and cleaning was a big task for them.
  4. Working professional are not able to spend much time in gardening, so their needs some kind of containers which reduces their maintenance specially cleaning.
  5. Garden lovers feel roots should breath in the containers.
  6. People wanted containers with inbuilt stand. 
  7. Many people have faced issues with perfect sizes of pots to grow vegetables. 

These are the reasons forced us to put our research to invent a container which serves the purpose of all these needs. 

As a result in addressing the issues we invented “Magic Planter Box”.

Magic Planter Box is made up of 

    • Galvanized iron (GI) Metal with German Export Grade quality.
    • Provides very good space and aeration for roots.
    • Premium design to match your thoughts.
    • 10 years of warranty on container.
    • Rust Free.
    • Inbuilt Stand.
    • Drain cells for good aeration for roots.
    • Geo Textile Fabric membrane to filter the soil.
    • No soil loss or seepage issue.
    • Well designed for depth & width.
    • Can be used Indoor and Outdoor.
    • Good depth & good amount of potting mix allows you to grow any kind of plantations with deep roots.
    • Mixed cropping can be implemented in a single container.
    • Scientifically designed stand – Not much bending to do maintenance so no strain while gardening.
    • Perfect product for your Terrace/Balcony.
    • Dismantlable Structure.

Little Magic Planter Box

Designed for leafy vegetables.

Evergreen Magic Planter Box

Designed for vegetables

Fruit Magic Planter Box 
Designed for fruit plants



Sowing seeds is a major problem in the initial stages of gardening, to address this issue My DREAM GARDEN took an extensive research of three months to bring all kinds of sowing in one chart which includes leafy veggies, root veggies, fruit veggies and creeper varieties. 

With a perfect design first time in India called as SEED SOWING CHART 

This constitutes 153 leafy vegetable sowing slots, 40 Italian salad making transplantation & root vegetable slots, and 10 fruit veggies sowing shrubs slots, 20 slots for Bendi & knol khol and for creeper verities 16 slots.

Users can select any one variety to sow seeds or saplings to transplant in the pre-defined slots for a better germination, slot as the saying says “more sowing, more germination”. After the germination one can keep the healthiest plants remaining can be taken away.

This resulted in more percentage of germination with proper growth, yield. Also, the germination percentage brought confidence in the green theory of people to continue their hobby.

Nutrient and Pest Management 

Usage of Nutrients, Pest & disease management is one major aspect of gardening, even after repeated trainings people failed to implement. This scenario made us to think what will bet the best possible way to make it easy.

We researched in different ways of making charts to make nutrition application and pest management easy. Finally we developed Nutrition & Pest Management Booklet and distributed freely for our clients. This ensured proper nutrient supplement and Pest Management treatments at the right time.