Dill Seeds

Dill Seeds
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Dill is a unique plant where both leaves and seeds are used as a seasoning.The best about dill leaves is its anti-bacterial component. 

Package Contents: 1 Packet of Dill Seeds

Green Dill leaves taste sweet and packed with unique health benefits. The best about dill leaves is its anti-bacterial component. Dill is a unique plant where both leaves and seeds are used as a seasoning. It requires both dry and sunny area and grows well in direct sunlight with feathery leaves and yellow flowers. Read more on Growing Dill.

How To Grow Dill From Seeds:
Introduction and Uses: Dill commonly known as Suva in India, is a treasure trove of calcium,
iron and manganese. It is plush with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties too. Dill is
mainly used for making pickles that are savoured with grilled burgers and sandwiches. Its seed and oil are used to add flavour baked food products, meat, liquor, condiments and snacks.

Botanical Name: Anethum graveolens
Sowing Season: Winter
Sowing method: Spot sowing, 
Growing container: Seedling trays/ seed cups/ grow bags/ magic planter box.
Growing medium: Coco Peat in seed tray indoors, potting mix in grow bag or planter box
Germination time:6 to 8 days After sowing.

Weight: 5grm.

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