Either it’s a new project or a renovation, working on a landscape project can be an overwhelming task. Our simple, clear-cut and systematic approach will take you from the initial consultation, to going through the designs, planning the project, executing the project and finally, maintaining your landscape.

Step 1

Initial communication

The first step is when a client approach us, our landscape consultants over phone call, will take you through our range of services, products & other offerings in detail. They will understand your needs & assign an expert landscape executive to visit your place

Step 2

Executive Visit

Landscape executive will have face to face discussion on your site. We take a look at your space and analyse how our design ideas & your vision, can go along so that we will know to configure different elements of landscape ideally suitable for your place. We’ll seek to understand your preferences, and the space available for accomplishing them. Once we have a complete understanding of your brief, likes & requirements, we can give ideal garden design within 3 working days and estimate of the project.

Step 3


Once the quotations are approved by the client, we will plan for the execution of the project by arranging required elements & by assigning necessary teams as and when required for execution of different works.

Step 4

Execution of works

The respective teams will start the assigned works according to their schedule, such as site preparation, electrical works, civil works, plumbing works, carpentry works, pots and planting, lawn, landscaping, etc.

Step 5

Changes or additional works. Or. Modifications or add-on works

In case the customer has more requirements or any minor changes, we are flexible to allocate more resources at reasonable prices. Additional work will take its time to execute depends on nature of work.

Step 6

Completion of Project

We are committed from the beginning of the project to our design and the precise execution of the work. We are and will stand up-to our commitments to complete the project flawlessly and within the agreed time frame (Except in case of unavoidable scenarios like weather conditions or materials sourcing from other states).

Step 7

Handover & Maintenance

Once the project is completed, we take responsibility for the project for up to three months with our monthly monitoring services to ensure that the plants and turfs are thriving. Our commitment to quality comes first and the happiness of our customers is our goal. In the event of any problems, we will replace the plants or even redo the job altogether.