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Our Services

Eating organic food is not a trend; it is a return to tradition.

Living in the century of growing vegetables with injected chemicals & growth hormones, we need a healthy way of growing organic vegetables.

We provide everything that can perfectly fit into your dream garden; make that difference in gardening with our services, and we suggest solutions for all your problems which are stopping you from starting gardening.

What we are best at:

Potting Mix:

 A perfect combination of 25 different material proportions for potting mix used which is nowhere available in India,

 Only Soil, when placed in a container may lose nutrient after a single crop,

Potting mix is highly nutritious, improves yield from the crop at a flexible time frame as per the plant variety.

 A potting mix which we provide avoids disposal and lasts more than 5 years with just a top up of vermicompost after each crop.


Grow Bags:

 For a plant to grow we have to create an environment; which is also easy to manage.

 We introduced a container that is easy to lift or shift, we call it a grow bag that is UV treated, multi-layered, spacious, unbreakable, highly durable, less weight, cost-effective, environment-friendly, in different sizes (Standard, Large, Extra Large).


Organic Terrace garden set-up:

We provide customized services for garden set-up, like setting up garden stands, shade net, drip system, rainwater harvesting, vegetable garden; we promise you to provide an essence of a lavish green park at your own space.


Balcony Gardening:

Gardening needs little space, not necessarily a terrace.

Within your available space, we provide different designs of fabricated stands and ideas for the arrangement of plants that fits your balcony.



Not many people know how to start or maintain a garden. An association with My Dream Garden makes you free from worry of your garden, as it will be completely taken care off.

 We have best gardeners who are trained in different methodologies of organic vegetable farming, they are experienced and knowledgeable in providing the best care to your plants.

They maintain every garden efficiently, within the time it requires care.


Drip System:

Plants need enough water and moisture to grow, we provide fabricated stands with an automatic drip system, that stores and supplies water to plant when needed.

The drip system that can be managed with mobile, in your absence plants will be taken care off, just in a click.


-          No water wastage.

-          Keeps plant moist.

-          Can be managed even in your absence.

-          Stores water, helps in places with the water problem.

-          Avoids seepage problem.

-          Easy to clean

-          Beautifies your balcony garden.


Green House:

Plants get energy from light to grow, more sunlight does not always make it easier for plants to survive.

Plants growing in the shade can fight to survive by adopting one of two strategies: They can try to avoid the shade, or they can adapt to it.

Observing this, we provide a fabricated shade “Green House” for plants, that allows helps plants to survive even in summer.

Also, helps in pest control or bird control.


Fabricated Stands:

We understand your passion for gardening, your problem with lack of enough space to accommodate plants.

Plants can be arranged in different ways to get sufficient sunlight, easy to reach and manage. We give a solution with fabricated stands, which can accommodate double the number within the available space.


- Stands give a spacious look and beautify your garden.

- Avoids seepage problem, helps in cleaning the garden easily



Feed the plant, and the plant will feed you enough.

Nutrients are the best supplements to soil and help plant to grow, yield efficiently. They play a major role in growth.

We at My Dream Garden Use:


Seaweed extracts



Humic extracts

Plant Meal

And many other nutrients, that provides plant a healthy growth.


Pest Control:

Every crop has threats in the form of pests.

It is never been difficult to get rid of it. We help you with effective & easy ways to take care of your plants from pests. One solution is to spray an organic pest controller.


Training and workshops:

 We share our diversified knowledge on organic farming, through training programs and workshops we conduct.

 Details we share:

-          Practical sessions, with hands in the soil.

-          How we do potting mix.

-          Efficient ways to sow seeds

-          when to water the plant

-          Benefits of all organic nutrients we use

-          All scientific and technical reasons behind organic farming

-          Gardening tips.


Social awareness programs:

 We believe in a quote, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”,

 Making everyone aware of the importance of organic vegetable gardening, we put our efforts forward to teach children in our best way possible.

 -             We visit schools, provide free training for children, give free saplings.

-              Attend social gatherings, Knowledge sharing sessions in communities.

-              Invite children from orphanages to visit our garden, and teach them simple tips to grow their plants we offer for free, in their visit to the garden.


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