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Panchagavya - 1 Ltr

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Panchagavya acts as growth-promoter and immunity booster.

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Panchagavya as Growth-promoter and Immunity booster.

Panchagavya is an organic product prepared from five products of cow viz., Cow dung, Cow urine, Milk, Curd and Ghee through fermentation process. It possess all the major nutrients (N, P, K), micro nutrients (Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mo, B) and growth hormones (Indole Acetic acid & Gibberllic acid) required for plant growth. Even jaggery, banana, tender coconut and water are added to increase the nutritional value of panchagavya.


Benefits of using Panchagavya:

  • ·        Growth promoter and Immunity booster: Since it possess all major and micro nutrients it acts as an organic growth promoter and immunity booster for plants. It helps in developing resistance for various pests and diseases.
  • ·        Excellent Seed Germination: As panchagavya contains Gibberllic acid which is an initiative for seed germination, 100% seed germination can be expected. For this process, 100g seeds should be mixed with 10 mL of panchagavya for 20 minutes before planting to enhance germination capacity.
  • ·        Regular use of Panchagavya will increase the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.
  • ·        With the application of Panchagavya, the plants show increased growth of side shoots and also the number of fruits.


Why to use:

  • ·        It helps for the survival of natural enemies like Dragon fly, spider, Lady bird beetle.
  • ·        It prevents the pest and disease incidence.
  • ·        It is used to manage fruit fly and leaf Webber
  • ·        It acts as pest repellent
  • ·        It gives immunity against diseases and pests attack.
  • ·        It is used to manage the pest and disease of  Turmeric, onion, Vegetables, Fruit crop, Flower crops like rose and jasmine
  • ·        Panchagavya in gardens help in decreasing the use of Chemical Fertilizers and hence it is perfect for organic farming.


When to use:

  • ·        To have better Manage on pest and Diseases it is recommended to spray at weekly interval from initial stage of plant growth (15 Days after sowing or transplanting).
  • ·        It has to be spray on Cucumber, Water melon, Musk Melon, Bottle gourd at flowering stage to manage the Fruit fly damage. 


How to use:

    • Dosage - 10 mL of Panchagavya in 1 litre of water.


    • Solution preparation 

 10 mL of Panchagavya + 1 litre of water.

Mix the solution thoroughly.


    • Method of spray

Spray the prepared solution on both the side of leaves, stem, fruits and vegetables.

The solution should cover the entire plant surface.

Repeat the spray at weekly interval.


Method of application:-

  • Loosen the potting media around the plants (2-3 inch depth).
  • Apply 100 mL of diluted solution (refer dosage) of panchagavya for grow bags and 250 mL of diluted solution (refer dosage) of panchagavya for planter box.
  • Mix thoroughly with potting media.
  • Level the potting mix properly.
  • Watering should be done immediately after nutrient application (based on moisture content).



Nutrient application must be done 2-3 inch away from the stem.

Quantity of nutrient application also depends on growth stage of the plants.

For the better control of disease it is suggested to spray in morning or evening hours.

Spray must be given in fine mist to avoid dropping of medicine from leaves.



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