Metal arches are occasionally used as “eye catchers” or focal points, sometimes even standing alone in artificially created “wilderness” landscapes. A simple garden arch made of METAL can be a beauty adding element to your landscape.

Generally, 16 gauge MS metal is used for any arch, which will be ground or pillar mounted & can even sustain the growth & weight of any creeper vines growing on them.

Not all arches support plants, but when they do, plant choice should be governed by the situation (sun or shade), the style of the garden and the size of the arch.

Creepers /vines can be the best suggestion for growing at arches to give aesthetic look for the home elevations. The best thing of this frame work is, it can be customized as per the area and requirement.

Different Arch Designs

A simple, graceful curve, often used in traditional and classical architecture.

Characterized by a pointed top, commonly seen in Gothic architecture, adding a sense of height and drama

Resembling an inverted U or horseshoe shape, with roots in Islamic and Moorish architectural styles

An arch with an elliptical shape, offering a softer and more elongated form

Resembling the handle of a basket, this arch has a smooth, flowing curve

Resembling the shape of a keyhole, with a rounded top and a narrower base

A geometrically precise arch with a parabolic shape, providing structural efficiency

Also known as a "pointed oval arch," it has three centres for its curves, creating a distinctive shape

Featuring three overlapping circles or foils, forming a decorative and visually appealing arch

A tall and pointed arch commonly found in Gothic architecture, imparting a sense of verticality

A classic, half-circle arch shape, suitable for various architectural styles

Metal Description

All our metal Arches are meticulously crafted using high-quality 14 and 16-gauge Mild Steel and SS ensuring unparalleled strength and long-lasting durability


40 MM Square Pipe

Arch Frame

L-Angle- 25/25 MM
32/32 MM with 5 MM Thickness
Round Pipes- 20 MM
40 MM
55 MM

Major Purpose of Use