360 Bundle Harvest @ 4500

Planter Box

An Ever Green Magic Planter Box will be 2.49 ft X 1.64 ft X 1.50 ft (L X W X H ) given to customers to start a small garden to grow leafy greens on their own. Box is surrounded by drain cells which supplies continuous aeration to roots as like in terra-coated pots and lined with geo textile fabric to control the loss of growing media and nutrients from the magic planter box when it is watered. This planter box comes with in-built stand which reduces the bending activity.

Potting mix

70 kgs of highly nutritious and long lasting growing media is given to fill the planter box. High nutrient content with more porous texture will help in getting more fresh and good yield. This media can last more than 5 years by supplying little nutrients after each Crop


Plant meal (2 kgs) It’s a complete food and mixture of 5 to 6 nutrients mixed and blended in balanced proportions to supply right nutrients at right time for your leafy greens.

Vermi-compost (5 kgs)Compost with leaving microbes and earthworms to give more life to your growing media. Adding compost to your media will make the soil respire for longer days.


Saplings like Lettuce, Celery and Parsley with fresh growth are provided to customers to grow and save the harvest time.


Seeds like Palak and Amaranthus which are well dried with 80 % germination are provided to customers to grow on their own.

Seed sowing chart

A seed sowing chart is given to the customers to sow the seeds in proper way. This helps in getting more plants in a particular piece of area and to get maximum yield.

Setup details

A team of MDG professionals will help you in setting up of garden at your place. They also help you in transferring the knowledge about sowing and transplanting, nutrient applications, harvesting techniques, replenishing the soil and re-sowing of the crop.

Maintenance details

  • Two maintenances services will be given to your garden to support and help you in growing leafy greens. Application of nutrients, helping in harvesting, identification of pest and diseases if any are done technically with our team.
  • Maintenance will be provided every 30 days once after the garden setup.
  • There will be life time phone call and WHATS APP support from MDG to analyze and support you, for growing greens.

Payment details

An initial payment of Rs. 4,500/- should be payed at the time of garden setup. Within 45 to 60 days you can Grow, Harvest, Pluck, Taste and Feel and later (60 days after setup) customer can pay the balance of Rs. 3,500/-

Terms and conditions

  • Only Palak, Amaranthus, Lettuce, Celery and Parsley are recommended in this package.
  • Initial payment of Rs. 4,500/- must be payed at the time of garden setup and remaining balance Rs. 3,500/- must be payed 60 days after garden setup.
  • A min of 3 to 4 hours of sun light is recommended to setup this garden package.
  • Harvest will depend of the care and watering of the garden and we assure you 80 % of yield. Some times yield may reduce due to pest and disease attack and due to adverse climatic conditions.
  • There is no refund of payment once the garden is setup.
  • Only 1 complimentary maintenances will be given even though customer is buying more than 1 box also.

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