Lawn is the main foundation of a beautiful looking garden. It forms the base on which all the other garden elements are placed in the required order or design.
A lawn can be defined as the green carpet for a landscape design or area which is basically a piece of land which is uniformly covered with green, soft grass. It is the basic feature which is used for home ground development and an essential feature for all other types of garden. In a home garden, a lawn improves the appearance of the house, enhances its beauty, increases conveniences and usage. A lawn provides a perfect setting area for a flower bed, a decorative greenery filled border, a shrubbery or even trees.


  • It is not always possible to get the best site one would like for a lawn.
  • But a few points should be kept in mind before selecting a site.
  • Grass does not grow under shade, so a site should receive full sunshine. The best place will be some area that is situated in the southern side and the next- best is the south-east and south-west side of a building.
  • Soil moisture capacity and drainage are also two key points which should be kept in mind while choosing a site for a lawn setup.
Method Of Planting
  • Seed sowing
  • Dibbling
  • Turfing
  • Turf-plastering
Different types of Lawn
  • Mexican grass
  • Buffalo grass
  • Bermuda grass