PVC Lattice

Lattice is a framework consisting of crossed wooden or metal strips, forming a pattern of open spaces. PVC lattice refers to a type of lattice made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a synthetic plastic polymer.

PVC lattice is manufactured through a process that involves preparing a PVC resin blend with additives, extruding the mixture into a lattice pattern, cooling and sizing the formed profile, cutting it into panels, and implementing quality control measures.

This results in a durable, low-maintenance product suitable for diverse outdoor applications, such as fencing and landscaping.

Manufacturing PVC Lattice Fences

  • The standard size of PVC lattice comes with 8FT X 4FT
  • Metal frames will be designed based on the length and height of the fencing with pillar base plates
  • Painting with Primer and selected paint to the metal frames
  • Fixing the PVC lattice panels to the metal frames using screws, nuts and bolts
  • Fixing the PVC lattice frames at required places

Available Colours in PVC Lattice

  • Green
  • Brick Red
  • Half White
  • Milky While
  • Ivory
  • Black
  • Grey

Metal Description

All our metal Arches are meticulously crafted using high-quality 14 and 16-gauge Mild Steel and SS ensuring unparalleled strength and long-lasting durability

Frame Work

20/20 MM
20/40 MM
40/40 MM

Base Plates

4/4 MM

Major Purpose of Use