Grow Greens Challenge

Grow Greens Challenge
Can growing 2 plants help combat climate change?



To combat climate change team My Dream Garden, have been continuously working for the last 8 years on

  • Empowering present & next generations, to conserve greenery…!!!
  • Creating ample opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs, to explore new horizons in green life.
  • Providing multiple methods of growing greenery for 50 crores people by 2050.

Are you ready to take up Grow Green Challenge of growing 2 Plants?

Follow this simple step and complete grow greens challenge trouble-free

This combo pack includes, 2 pots with potting mix, 2 water plates holding pots, 2 seeds & installation.

2 Seeds pack of your choice with a approximately 300 - 500 seeds with higher germination. Or (Saplings for exotic leafy greens)

Try Varieties of leafy greens like Celery, Parsley, Lettuce, Bok choy, Coriander, Mint , Palak, Methi, Dill, Gongura, Red Amarantus, Green Amaranthus, Chilkarve, Chakotha