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Gi Fruit Magic Planter Box with Potting Mix

Quick Overview

Perfect product for your terrace/balcony

GI Fruit Magic Planter Box with Potting Mix - 1 No.

Dimensions: W 1.75 ft X H 3.5 Ft X B 1.75 Ft
With 125 Kgs of Potting Media and Seeds/Sapling

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We facilitating and guiding people to grow their own chemical free foods on the terrace. After many years of research and experiment with different materials, products and proportion, we come up with an extraordinary potting mix, customized setups and services which is unique and need very less maintenance.

This package will help for those who want a fresh environment with decorating balconies, front space, indoor and terrace to grow fresh organic vegetables on empty space.

We respect and value our customers’ requirements to convert every barren terrace into a farmyard. To bring change in the environment and also to get healthy food by avoiding chemicals. We help every person to learn, grow chemical free foods on their terrace.

Package Contents:

GI Fruit Magic Planter Box [W 1.75 ft X H 3.5 Ft X B 1.75 Ft] with Potting Mix - 100 Kgs, Seeds/Sapling - 1 No.

We use Galvanized iron (GI) Metal with German Export Grade Quality. Certification of quality will be provided based on the request.


Product Features:

  • Galvanized iron (GI) Metal with German Export Grade quality.
  • Provides very good space and aeration for roots.
  • Premium design to match your thoughts.
  • 10 years of warranty on container**
  • Rust Free
  • Inbuilt Stand.
  • GT membrane to filter the soil.
  • No soil loss or seepage issue.
  • Well designed with depth & width.
  • Can be used Indoor and Outdoor.
  • Good depth & good amount of potting mix allows you to grow any kind of plantations with deep roots.
  • Mixed cropping can be implemented in a single container.
  • Scientifically designed stand – Not much bending to do maintenance so no strain while gardening.
  • Perfect product for your Terrace/Balcony.


Potting Mix: My Dream Garden has unique specialized organic grow media, which can be used for all plants. It is a perfect combination of 25 different material proportions for potting mix used which is nowhere available in India. When only Soil placed in a container may lose nutrient after a single crop, whereas our potting mix is highly nutritious, improves yield from the crop at a flexible time frame as per the plant variety.

This potting mix is the successful result of five years research & experience in making dream organic terrace gardens.

No need to change this potting mix. – Our potting mix avoids disposal and lasts more than 5 years with just a top up of vermicompost after each crop.

Join us to create your own dream garden and contribute your bit to the environment.

*Please call 7813933777 for product delivery outside Bangalore.

**T&C Apply

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Brand Name My Dream Garden
Special Price Rs.8,000.00

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