Magic planter box and grow bags package 1

Magic planter box and grow bags package 1
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Package Contents :- Evergreen MPB with Potting Mix – 3 Nos, Grow Bags with Potting Mix-16 Nos, Vermicompost-25 Kg, Panchagavya - 2 Lt, Bioenzyme - 200ml, Seaweed Extraction - 250ml, Plant Meal - 2 Kg, Sasyarakshak - 250ml, Water can - 5 lt, Sprayer - 1.5 lt, Sticks - 20 Nos, Accon - 100mL, Transportation and Installation.

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Package Contents

  • Evergreen MPB with Potting Mix – 3 Nos
  • Grow Bags with Potting Mix-16 Nos
  • Vermicompost-25 Kg
  • Panchagavya - 2 Lt
  • Bioenzyme - 200ml
  • Seaweed Extraction - 250ml
  • Plant Meal - 2 Kg
  • Sasyarakshak - 250ml
  • Water can - 5 lt
  • Sprayer - 1.5 lt
  • Sticks - 20 Nos
  • Accon - 100mL
  • Transportation and Installation

Brief description of package

Magic Planter Box

Made up of Galvanized iron with inbuilt stand which is rust free, provides good space for aeration and also root spreading. It has lined with geo-textile membrane that avoids loss of potting mix/growing media from container.

Evergreen MPB

It has the dimension of  2.54 ft X 1.70 ft X 1.54 ft (L X W X H )  in which single crop or multiple crop can be grown

Grow bags

Grow bags are light weight, UV treated which avoids root injury for plants, multi- layered and good depth makes better plant stand, unbreakable, durable and cost effective.

Potting mix

Specially made for terrace gardening and to grow wide range of plants which comprises of 15 different organics mixed in perfect combination which comprise macro, micro and trace elements: a complete nutrient profile for healthy plant growth and better yields.


Quality and certified seeds with good germination percentage


Compost that is produced by using earthworms which is rich in almost all essential nutrients required for healthy the plant growth


Organic liquid made out of 5 different products of cow which has several growth stimulating hormones like GA (Gibberllic acid) and cytokinins apart from building the immunity power in plants.


Non toxic organic medicine for disease management provides excellent protection to the plants against fungal and bacterial diseases.


Pest control medicine made of Chinese chaste (Vitex negundo), Alkoloids, Eugenol and Potassium salts of fatty acids which have higher potentiality to control insects at later stages of infestation.


Pest control medicine made of leaf extract of several plants which has greater ability to control insects at early stage of infestation.


Bamboo sticks will be given for easy supporting of plants when required.

Water can

5lt water can with rose head which improves watering capabilities and avoid disturbance of sown seeds.


To give fine mist spray of medicines for minute pests and diseases, 1.5 lt capacity sprayers will be provided with extra spare parts

Single and double step stand

5 single step stands measuring 5 ft length, 1 ft width, 6 inches height and another 2 double step stand measuring 5 ft length, 1 feet width, 9+9 inches. Manufactured by MS sq2 metal which is base quoted with red oxide that avoids rusting of metal and on which another layer of green paint is applied.

Gardening guide

Consists a brief information regarding gardening and makes our work easy to carry out different garden operations

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