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Available Only in Bangalore

Balcony Garden Design

This model garden includes

4 Alpine 50 FRP pots with indoor plants and media of different colors that suits balcony designer garden, these pots are eye catching which are Light in weight, durable and have deep planting space for extended roots

1 Decor rectangle grey pot with dracaena plant and media which adds different shape to garden

Artificial Grass- 50 mm high quality grass for natural balcony look. The imported artificial grass will retain its color and quality even in adverse climatic conditions also.

All the plants will be bushy, lush green in color and of standard height according to the pot

Indoor coffee plant

It has very attractive bushy foliage, glossy, mid-green leaves divided into leaflets. This plant remains fairly compact. It has medicinal properties also

ZZ plant

It is very popular foliage plant for its small wide glossy leaves and easy maintenance, almost impossible to kill.


Their leaves are typically large, green, and glossy, adding a touch of their native tropical jungles to your home. With the help of moss stick the plant can give a climber look

Syngonium with moss stick

Its variegated arrow/heart shaped leaves in green and silver colour will drag the attention of viewers and can reach to greater height


It is a perennial evergreen plant with thin long variegated golden colour leaves and emerging spirally from stubby branches. Branches have prominent leaf scars which encircle the stems.



Unit Cost

Total Cost

Alpine 50 Yellow(10 inch*20inch) 1 No Rs 1850 /- Rs 1850 /-
Alpine 50 white 1 No Rs 1850 /- Rs 1850 /-
Alpine 50 Grey 1 No Rs 2050 /- Rs 2050 /-
Alpine 50 Store Gray 1 No Rs 2050 /- Rs 2050 /-
Decora Rectangle Gray (22 inch L* 8 inch W* 14 inch ) 1 No Rs 2600 /- Rs 2600 /-
Indore Coffee Plant 1 No Rs 1800 /- Rs 1800 /-
Philodendram Plant with moss stick 1 No Rs 750 /- Rs 750 /-
Pendanus Plant 3 Nos Rs 650 /- Rs 1950 /-
Syngoniam with Moss Stick 1 No RS 700 /- RS 700 /-
ZZ Plant 1 No Rs 2000 /- Rs 2000 /-
Artificial Grass 50mm Density 6X10 60 square feet Rs 140 per/sq Rs 8400/-
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Location Available Only in Bangalore
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