Green house

Green house


Greenhouse Gardening

Green house are usually walk in structures with shading provided by net or screening. It is used to grow plants in controlled environmental condition.

Greenhouse gardening is actually the next level of gardening and many gardeners doubt to build their own greenhouse due to the cost. But the question here is what the benefits are?

Greenhouse Gardening Benefits:

  • Reduces indoor temperature by 6 - 8 degrees and can reduce air conditioning cost
  • Reduces overall heat absorption of buildings and insulate the building against heat and cold
  • Convenience of safe, pesticide-free, healthy green and fresh vegetables
  • Conducive to a routine of physical exercise, clean air and being close to nature
  • Increases amount of oxygen in the air
  • Reduce sound pollution
  • Save Up on Grocery Expenses
  • Consistent Gardening
  • Protection for Plants
  • Optimum Growing Environment for Plants
  • All Season Gardening
  • Ditch Landscaping
  • Easy Customizations
  • Greenhouse as All in One Gardening Place
  • Multipurpose Gardening Spot
Green House Without GateGreen House Without Gate
Green House With GateGreen House With Gate Green House With Gate and Vertical GardenGreen House With Gate ,Vertical Garden 
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