My Dream Garden – Triple step stand- 3ft

My Dream Garden – Triple step stand- 3ft
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Beautiful plants need beautiful planters and beautiful planters need beautiful stands. Stands are required to place grow bags or earthen pots or any kind of containers because if it is placed on a barren terrace, drained water will stand on terraces and cause stains apart from which it builds a climate for insect breeding.


Terrace or balcony


  • Stands make the garden look more beautiful.
  • Stands can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • Utilization of vertical space.
  • Easily movable
  • If repainted once in two years it is durable for 20 years.

Stands designed for placing containers

  • Single step stand
  • Double step stand
  • Triple step stand

Stands designed exclusively for balcony

  • 4 step balcony stand
  • Vertical stand


Triple step stands measuring 3ft length, 3+3ft width, 9+9+9 inches Height. Manufactured by mild steel square metal, 16 guage which is base quoted with red oxide that avoids rusting of metal and on which another layer of green paint is applied.

  • 3 ft Length X 3+3 ft Width x 9+9+9 inches Height.
  • 9 containers measuring 24cm length×24cm breadth×40cm height can be placed.
  • Where ever the space is constraint triple step stands can be utilized by taking the benefits of vertical space.

**We also make customized triple step stands.

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