Terrace Garden

Terrace Garden


Vegetable Terrace Garden although a new concept, seems to be familiar now to many. Some landowners not only see the interior & exterior landscape view, but also want their terraces to be beautified wherein ornamentals & sit outs have become a major point of focus.

My Dream Garden stand as a pioneer in vegetable garden and is also spreading its wings to give an ornamental look in the terrace so as to make the space more better looking and a place to spend time in for the owner Creating low maintenance, aesthetic & eco-friendly landscape on terraces with inclusion of some ornamental plants to make the ambience more beautiful and to create privacy makes the time spent in the garden much more precious


  • Expands greenery
  • Makes your empty space more beautiful
  • Creates aesthetic beauty
  • Makes your workspace more comfortable
  • Low maintenance
  • Creates privacy
  • Utilization of Empty spaces
  • Creates calmness & space to spend private time with a touch of greenery
  • Improves your surrounding air quality
  • Best place to spend quality time with your family and loved ones

What you can get from us

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