Decorative Garden

Decorative Garden


A decorative garden is feast for the eyes. By creative pots, designs & ideas one can make their unused space utilized in a better way.

Decorative gardens can be of any type which is mainly focused to decorate the empty space & make some attractive

Here are some ideas of how better a decorative garden can be

Use of stones

Gravel, rocks and other small stones can all be used to decorate the garden. Pebbles are not only a great way to create garden paths, but also to remove the pesky weeds, they also won't interfere with trees and bushes. If you want to build a garden fountain, stream or pond then you will need a pond liner and gravel. Polished stones or black ones can also look very attractive.

Large rocks are very interesting when they have an asymmetrical shape. You can also use stones of small and medium-sizes and combine them to create a stylish look. Moss, thyme and other floor coverings between the two will be great. The stones work perfectly in combination with different colors and sizes.

Hanging planters

Hanging planters are used for both artificial and live flowers. They beautify your environment and are an excellent way of bringing nature into your home.They are perfect for display, save storage space and come in a variety of designs. Hanging planters are safe for use with kids and pets. Here are some hanging planters.

Vertical garden

This is an alternative method for gardening by expanding the scope of growing plants in a vertical space. Intensive urbanization has left hardly any horizontal space for outdoor gardens. Green walls are not only spectacularly beautiful, but also helpful in enlivening the ambiance. Green walls can absorb heated gas in the air, lower both indoor and outdoor temperature, providing a healthier indoor air quality as well as a more beautiful space.

Ceramic pots

Ceramic pots come with a glaze that makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor decor The benefits of adding Ceramic Pots to a garden are that they hold less moisture,that is optimum soil should be kept moist and not wet. They are heavy and hence are better of the large plants because these plants balance the weight and avoid the plant from falling.


Wood or metal furnitures add a detail to the outdoor space and can be used for the seating purpose. If you have a balcony and enjoy spending a lot of time there, then you already know the importance of having comfortable seating and furnitures can be of great use.

Bamboo containers

It give a picturesque to the dull area and adds beauty to the garden or balcony also.. Easy maintenance and no much of fertilizers needed, with a little maintenance the plant can be of great beauty to the area. It can be used both for natural and artificial flowers, for balcony decor, terrace, hallway or lobby interior decor. It is minimalist, small, natural and will complement succulents, cactus and small plants.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor shaded spaces like a patio, balcony or covered terraces.


Lawn or artificial grass is long lasting, maintenance free and easy to manage grass cover for your balcony, terrace, garden or lawn. It is extremely durable and can withstand almost any weather condition. It has inbuilt drainage cells which doesn't obstructs water flow.


A beautiful garden path not only gives you plenty of room to walk throughout the work it also frames your garden and helps you navigate the landscape – creating an experience. Of course, there are all different kinds of garden pathways that you can create. None of them are exactly identical and your pathway will be 100% unique to the garden that you’ve been growing. The design of the pathways can emphases on the beauty and fresh colors of the flower arrangements in your garden or backyard.


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