Garden Arches

A garden arch adds structure, height and focus to your garden that becomes more beautiful each year when used to support climbing plants like flowering plants and different colour foliage plants. Garden arches create a perfect garden entrance, frame a walkway or lead from one area of the garden to another.

Our garden arches are designed in unique way with different materials like MS iron, SS steel, GI Metal and wooden materials and will be polished with polymer coating for durability in a subtle palette of soft signature colours perfect for different landscaping ideas and front yard and back yard gardens.

Metal Garden Arches
These metal garden arches which are both decorative and strong – made from galvanised steel, MS Iron and SS steel which are weatherproof and long lasting. Their solid steel wirework and the design made are perfect to support any type of climber plants.
Features of Garden Arches
Choose for a design fitted with lattice to help new climbers establish and to offer you anchor points to tie in growth as the plant established. adding delicate lighting will give a magical feel to the garden
Draw attention to the entrance of your home with an arch. – use large containers at the base of the arch if you can’t place directly into the soil.
Use multiple arches or pergolas in a row to create a defined walkway
Much like when marking a pathway, an arch over a gate adds impact and literally ‘makes an entrance’ – this can work particularly well to add formality or to echo the architectural style of your house
Place an arch between two different areas of a garden. This can mark a change in style of garden design or just heighten anticipation of exploring more of the space
The romantically named arbour is essentially a seating area enveloped by an arch creating a secret or secluded place to sit and rest.  Place a wide arch over an existing bench or any other garden seating –  planted with evergreen climbers
Use an arch to frame a distinctive view, focusing the eye into the distance , creating a sense of a larger garden as well as drawing attention to a stunning scene.
Add an arch midway down a path to add interest to the journey and allows you to break up the line with colour and scent as you and your guests walk through the garden
An arch can draw the eye to a piece of garden artwork, a specimen plant or a water feature. You also can use them to add interest to a blank wall such as on a garage – Paint the wall inside the arches a color that contrasts the rest of the wall and plant them with climbers for a simple
Ring the changes and use your garden arch to work as a support for growing fruits and vegetables. It gives your plot a whole new growing dimension, lots more space and lifting crops clear the ground and improves air circulation
Types of Arches
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All our Arches are rich, traditional look & feel, made from premium No.1 grade materials with 30+ years of guarantee. Each gazebo is built to with passion and completely customizable to your specifications. Choose the style, dimensions, colour, and options to make your gazebo your very own.