Customer Centric

My dream garden strongly believes in offering great customer experience from the awareness stage through the purchasing process and finally through the post- purchase services process. We are a team of passionate people and truly believe in “Customer comes first”. We are committed to focus on what the customer wants, needs and develop services accordingly. As we believe in customer satisfaction is the pathway to success, we have 85% success and ranked as high customer retention rate in the industry. Since this field is associated with living being, giving life to plants and other environmental parameters play an important role in plantations.

We introduced first of its kind maintenance services which is actually cost to the company, but with a great passion for green and the motto to assist everyone to have a dream garden we are organizing the maintenance module offline and online to motivate the customers post-purchase.

We believe in sharing knowledge is the basic need in this industry, for which all the experiments and research we made are shared in workshops we conduct so that the knowledge will be spread to lakhs of people. We are proud to say more than 20 people have started gardens by attending our 550 + workshops and more than 6000 people adapted composting in their homes which resulted in reducing 3000 kgs of kitchen waste from going to land field.

Friendly production services Customer focus leadership

My dream garden management is more passionate to assist people to have more greenish garden with good yield, the management has taken all possible steps to make gardening easy for everyone who dream to have a garden by implementing many user friendly products and services. As pioneer in this industry for the first time we introduced most affordable grow bags of different sizes, potting mix, best nutrients, innovative gardening services, magic planter box, garden stands, green house, micro process controlled drip system, pandal structure and seed sowing chart.

Understanding the customer

Who else can better understand the urban gardening more than my dream garden with 3000+ customers with garden experiences? Every garden is different, every customer is different. We design gardens which is suitable for all climatic conditions based on customer’s expectation.

Improving the frontline

My dream garden has the Best Class of Gardeners, Research Associates and Volunteers in assisting people to have dream garden.

Research & Maintenance associates:

We have highly professional Agricultural & Horticultural Research Associates who have pursued their Master Degree in different Horticulture & Agriculture Universities.

An intense training has been given to them on urban gardening along with Academic knowledge they acquired made them well versed with required knowledge, resulting in best customer service.

This team consults in every aspect of plantations with clients, in supporting to have greenish garden with good yield.

We have offline support in Bangalore & online support across the country after sales service through field visits in offline and over the phone call, whatsapp and email support in online.

Gardeners Team

Everyone wants to have dream garden in their precious empty places at home. The major issue is availability of gardeners.

At My Dream Garden, we find this challenge as an opportunity and as of now we trained more than 200 gardeners to help the people who are in need of gardening services.

Also, we have one of the world class team gardeners who have been trained with experienced Research Associates.

Their dedication has made many people to expand the gardens to grow more vegetables, sufficient for their gardens and resulting in retention of 85% clients, they help the clients in every aspect of customer requirements to bring the joy of gardening in their lives.

One more aspect of My Dream garden is to create jobs. All our gardeners are from rural underprivileged people for whom proper training and guidance is given before going to clients place.

Designing the services

We understand the customer need with 3000+ garden experience in Bangalore and lakhs of people who get guidance through online across our country. According to the survey we conducted with parameters like availability of sun light, area and customer needs we have designed different products and services.

The most famous amongst them are potting mix, gardening stands and gardening packages. Our packages are most famous in vegetable, fruit and herbal gardening in India. With scientifically made grow bags and magic planter boxes packages for both terrace and balcony.

Post sales

The USP is my dream garden post sales services, 85% customer rate speaks about my dream garden post sales services.

The garden customer care department will take care of your garden in every step when the client request for the support apart from that there will be periodic communication from garden customer care to the customer to develop their dream gardens.

Feedback drives continuous improvement

As we stated “customer comes first” in every aspect in garden communication center takes every feedback and the response seriously to provide solutions to the best.

My dream garden is made by the people with their feedbacks and requirements.

The feedback inputs of the clients are converted from a concept mode to practical product or services involve huge investment in Research and Development. Although the management took several risks to implement the

processes over a period, they actually make gardening easy for the people. Like seed sowing chart which made garden loving people life very easy in understanding how to sow different kinds of seeds, how many seeds need to be sown with complete instructions printed.

Garden stands have made people to keep their place hygienic, amplified and place to keep more plants. Green house has made many people’s dream come true to have a farm on the terrace in the middle of the city. Magic planter box an extremely suitable container where roots breaths with inbuilt stand and inner side covered with geo textile cloth which allows only the water not the potting soil, reduces 80% of maintenance efforts which is a boon for urban gardener.