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Holistic Approach Of The Projects

Garden maintenance is a skill oriented process and there is a huge demand for the skilled gardeners as well. Garden training centre will provide you an opportunity through training programs and helps in building human resource in gardening segment

  • All gardening enthusiastic people like housewives, retired people, all undergraduates who are interested in gardening to develop as an entrepreneur

Garden Communication Centre is an emerging project which will ensures to develop lavishing and green garden in your terraces. GCC will act as a communication bridge between the company and the customers to enhance their gardening experience.

  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Customer feedbacks
  • Gardening issues
  • Follow ups
  • Gardening enhancement

My plant doctor is a facebook online free consultation program to share the gardening information across the country. It is a live consultancy wherein which information regarding gardening practices and its maintenance like selection of the crop, potting media, sowing, pest and disease management and finally harvesting of the crop will be explained by MDG team experts and online queries of your gardens will be discussed and resolved at earliest. It helps in reaching all the online users who are already doing gardening and who are willing to develop a beautiful and healthy garden. This online initiative will help our online sales like pest and disease management and other products of MDG to maintain and develop a new garden. This project has the potential in reaching more than 1 crore prospective clients

Garden data pool is an initiative to collect and process authenticated information from gardening experts. It will be a pool of gardening knowledge which will have free access to all. It has a potential to bring all interested people in gardening to bring in our platform.

  • Data pool from agricultural experts
  • Agricultural and Horticultural universities
  • Various gardeners
  • From our present customers

International garden conference will connect all the manufacturers, gardening experts, agricultural and horticultural universities at an international level. This event will promote and educate gardeners towards nature and help in sharing individual knowledge in nurturing plants in their own perspective.

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