Introduction to company

My Dream Garden a renowned gardening company across country for our commitment in maitaining quality of products and services in every garden. Ever since our inception in 2010; quality has been the guiding principle of our organization. We've been pioneers of introducing our new product line every single year, in India.

Why choose franchising in Green Domain?

  • With all the revolutions ever taken place, now it is time for green revolution.
  • Every household to an industry is looking forward to grow plants and own gardens.
  • People are looking forward to grow organic vegetables than buy.
  • There are huge profits in the domain with the awareness that is been already created.
  • Gardening works with basic knowledge, independent of available technologies.

Why choose franchising with My Dream Garden?

  • We are pioneers in the industry.
  • 1000’s of customers across different parts of India.
  • Aiming to reach maximum number of households with awareness on need for a garden.
  • Hold a tight vision of seeing Garden city, with gardens on all possible terraces and balconies.
  • We will train you with all the knowledge on gardening and the required information for setting up the unit.
  • Our customers in the particular area will be directed to the franchisee unit available nearby.
  • Looking forward to provide all the support needed for all our franchisee units.

As per our personal interaction with our customers, and their appreciation on our idea and products, but complaints as they don’t find it near their residence. Thus franchising is the best option to cater the Masses and contribute our bit against Global Warming!!! From Installing the garden  to Maintenance to Consulting to Retailing “My Dream Garden” has come a long way in beautifying corporate offices, Industrial buildings, Institutions & Many homes.

My Dream Garden invites you to consider being our collaborator in marketing of an exquisite range of Terrace/ Balcony gardens at all possible households and cooperates. You may choose to become our dealer with the investment. 

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What is our vision of sharing Franchising?

In midst of exciting upward improvement in Indian standards of living due to high rates of economic development, My Dream Garden brings you the latest designs of Terrace and Balcony Garden, along with the premium maintenance services we provide for each garden. Gardens become an extension of your personality and resonate with vibrations of peace, harmony, beauty and bliss, which reinforce the feeling of wellbeing and joy in our natural state of existence. 

Nature comes to you with the help of My Dream Garden and infuses a sense of natural relaxation in our houses and among many stresses in the concrete jungles of contemporary city life. My Dream Garden continuous to explore new creative ways of easy gardening on terraces and balconies. Our group of many designers works around the clock in Bangalore, to bring you new items in revolutionary designs with all the customer tastes evolving on a regular basis.

A detailed catalogue is available after discussion on demand. Take a peep into the serene world of My Dream Garden product's for all garden needs at our website 

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About My Dream Garden

My Dream Garden, is a team of pioneers in gardening industry and are a successful gardening company focusing on Home, kitchen and terrace Gardening and Greenery requirements of the masses. My Dream Garden is the only company to introduce new technologies, better and easy ways gardening on terrace & accessories retailing business in the country backed by 6 years of experience and has created a niche for itself in quality Plants retailing and arrangements in Bangalore.

Today apart from being engaged in different events as sponsors, we also undertake our interior projects like Garden Training Centre, My Plant Doctor, Garden Communication Centre, and International Garden Conference. With a vision of providing as much as support possible for beginners to pioneers in gardening. Concerning to the product line available with us, makes us the first choice for all our customers & Distributors across India. Below mentioned are few of our major products.