Want to learn more about organic terrace or balcony gardening? Want to spend time living and learning about the urban culture? Want to work with interns from other cultures and expertise of organic gardening? Want to help in sustainable organic fashion? Then this is the internship for you!

Completing an internship before graduation can provide students valuable skills that prepare them to enter the workforce and get a jump start on their careers. Our Urban Organic Garden Internship Program trains in Agriculture & Horticulture Urban Organic Gardening, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Customer Communication skill and life skills. Additionally, they gain experience in customer service, job readiness and leadership, as they work as a team to manage our Urban Gardens throughout the country.

Intern Qualifications

  • B Sc, M Sc in Agriculture Or Horticulture, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Or Diploma
  • Interest in: Agriculture, Horticulture, Nutrition, Business Management, Marketing, Customer relationship.
  • Experience with organic gardening.
  • Enjoy working with a diverse community of people.
  • Flexible easy-going attitude.
  • Work as a team.

Job Responsibilities

  • Learn to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, manage a garden and assist with regular crop maintenance including sowing, planting, watering pattern, weeding, pest & disease management and harvesting at My Dream Garden.
  • Marketing
  • Work in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Work with diverse groups or individuals in indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Work under supervision of project leader.
  • Work in the community with locals in gaining local knowledge about growing fruits and vegetables.
  • Report writing during internship (requests, suggestions, future ideas, do’s and don’ts).
  • Work with a team!


  • Gain experience about organic farming and gardening in Urban Cities.
  • Opportunity to attend personal/professional development days with experts.
  • Opportunity to live in and enjoy the scenery or urban gardening.

  • Opportunities to work with a dynamic team of Managers, Interns, Guides and Gardeners from diverse backgrounds that share a common interest in preserving and protecting our environment and eating in a healthy sustainable manner.