Garden industry offers many career opportunities for passionate and enthusiastic people. Working in My Dream Garden is more than a job, it’s a respectable profession with many advancement opportunities. Look beyond the myths surrounding these careers to learn the truth about professions that offer variety, flexibility, competitive pay, opportunities to grow, and overall job satisfaction.

My Dream Garden has provided jobs and opportunities for people in rural regions of the country as gardeners, who belong to agricultural background. We offer empowerment and support the lifestyle of the gardeners.

Now urban farming is staging a curious comeback. Recently, Government of Karnataka has set up programs encouraging people to grow an Organic vegetable garden in vacant terraces and community gardens. Our Gardeners and Employees come from all walks of life, have varied jobs and are truly passionate about different things in their lives. We wanted to showcase our valued team of My Dream Garden by presenting them in the light—a light of their own. We think all our Gardeners and Employees are shining stars, and we think you will, too. Enjoy their life journey!

Stories of Our Employees


MSc Agriculture in Soil Science, Kolar Karnataka

Research Head

Saravana Kumar had joined My Dream Garden as a Marketing Executive with qualification in soil science; for him it was easy to communicate, provide knowledge to the customers and to crack a deal. As he started to interact with customers, they had lots of queries on gardening, he took a forward step to understand various scenarios and state of the customer’s gardens, which helped him to start researching and developing various improvements in growing media, garden care, maintenance, solving customer issues with regards to pest and diseases.

Seeing his efficiency at work he was promoted and moved to Research Department where he is handing the garden challenges and conducting workshops for spreading better knowledge. In workshops, he teaches and explains about gardening techniques like why is organic gardening important.?, preparation of the soil, filling the grow bag with the soil, sowing pattern, watering techniques, pruning, cutting, pre and post harvesting, pest and disease management etc. He has been conducting workshops in various sectors like schools, college, companies, communities and events. Workshops cover all the sectors of organic terrace gardens. During the group sessions at School, he could see it in the faces of the kids that they want to contribute to nature.

Lots of changes has been implemented from his researches, in controlling of pest and diseases, providing easy garden tools and flow charts to explain the customer when and at what stage nutrients need to be applied etc. Company has always been supporting and encouraging in enhancing his skills, leadership, management and knowledge in advanced studies in gardening.

Presently as Research Head- There is a massive growth in his career and life, he is able to face thousands of people, solve any kind of garden related issue, and provide solutions to the customers. After lot of research to improve the vegetables quantity, we had a revolution from grow bags to magic planter boxes. We had worked day and night to make the product successful and “yes it is a great success”. We could see drastic improvements in growth of the plants and customer response towards Magic Planter Box.

Company has also helped him in achieving goals, taught values and morals, understood the need and gave moral support. His interactions with underprivileged people have helped him to stay stronger in life.

Anand jr


Qualification – PUC

Home town – Mysore, Karnataka

Anand was born in an agricultural family from Mysore and completed his pre-university education in Mysore. He started his career as a driver at the age of 18, as a source of income though he was not interested in driving. Later joined KEB as a pole staff for few months, he had to climb the pole and fix the wiring and it was a crucial job, and his life is at risk. His passion lied in farming, so he went back to Mysore and started working in fields, due to scarcity of water; they had to face many problems in growth and cultivation. Due to his financial status, he had to move to Bangalore in search of job.

Anand joined My Dream Garden in 2016 as a Gardener. Initially Anand was unaware of organic terrace garden works, with the guidance of Mr. Ashok he started to learn all the garden related activities like a Pro; activities like sowing, Soil Preparation – Potting Mix preparation, Watering techniques and nutrition application – nutrients when it is used and application dosage, Pest and disease control management etc. During the training period, he had to face few difficulties in understanding the various parameters, as he was new to Bangalore and was not familiar with the environment around. With the support he received from his colleagues and company, He was overwhelmed and started working hard to set-up his own career in this field. My Dream Garden has always been supporting and taking care of their food and accommodation.

As days passed, with the help of his colleague gardeners he became an expert at his work, and an inspiration to many more to join him in the journey at My Dream Garden. He started assisting the senior gardeners and excelled in bring-up a flawless garden. Customers are always happy with his work, but he had few communication issues, he was not able to explain the customer in other language apart from Kannada. Personality development skills were provided by the company to enhance communication skills, approach to customers, and maintaining good customer relationship etc., helped him in changing his way of providing better services to customers.

As the number of customers increased, it was difficult to provide maintenance for each customer, My Dream Garden enriched as a developing company with limited gardeners but still we managed to provide all are customers with maintenance even if it takes to do four maintenance in a day. Gardeners and faculty had a bonding and always aimed to complete the entire task, which was assigned to them. During events and stalls, they used to start early in the morning and be available until late night to make the events successful. After a successful event, everyone enjoys and rejoices the moment of success, shares their experiences with customers the entire day, and highlights the moments in photographs.

There are ups and downs in his life still he stood strong with his continuous inspiration from Mr. Ashok- Believe in yourself, believe in your goals..

The concept of organic terrace garden has inspired and motivated him to become a part of great organization, which he can carry forward to next generations and to give them a better quality of vegetables, which can be produced in their own terraces. He wants to educate and provide information to people in his hometown so that they can also have organic and nutrient rich food every day.


MSc Horticulture In Soil Science

Shimoga, Karnataka

Research Associate

Greeshma, a young and ambitious woman from Shimoga, Karnataka has completed her post-graduation in Horticulture in Soil science. Started her career in Lecturer in Soil science and agricultural chemistry in Rai Technology University, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka was unsatisfied with the administration. Therefore, with the experience of one year two months had joined My Dream Garden as a Research Associate. As Greeshma had experience in lecturing and educating the students related to agriculture and acquired theoretical knowledge with help of Saravana, and she excelled her skills in practical knowledge and its techniques.

Geeeshma hosts a live event on Facebook page called “My Plant Doctor”, where garden guidance has been provided on how to start your own garden, how to maintain it and what is better form of nutrient needed for plant; through live sessions, providing various information regarding pest management, disease and nutrient application etc. The live sessions of ‘My Plant Doctor’ doctor was conducted every day at 5 pm, she showcases her expertise in gardening through “My Plant Doctor”. The sessions includes preparation of the soil, filling the grow bag with the soil, sowing patterns, watering techniques, pruning, cutting, pre and post harvesting, pest and disease management, seasonal sowing etc. She has mastered her way of Interacting with customers and explaining them about the various packages, solving customer queries, conducting workshops and seminars for all age groups in various Institutions, Schools and Communities with the guidance of Saravana. She hosts live video at various gardening events and at customers place with regard to customer experiences in their garden.

It was a great exposure and a mode to connect to people with ‘My Plant Doctor’. In Her Words, “My Dream Garden has provided me the best platform to showcase my talent in front of the world with a live session on Facebook. Fame and popularity has come along the way with the knowledge I acquired.”

Her aim is to spread greenery, reduced pollution, consume chemical free vegetables and fruits.

Mahesha. M

Bachelor’s in Engineering- Computer Science

Mysore, Karnataka

Mahesha is from an agricultural family from Mysore and pursued his graduation in engineering from Hassan. He started his career in Tecona as Service Delivery Engineer after six months of job hunting. He was not satisfied with his work; so he decided to look out for a different job opportunity to showcase his talent and skills.

Mahesha joined in my Dream Garden as a Technical person, associated with Mr. Girish in technical and networking. He was new to the gardening domain, but a keen learning skills and a clear goal for earning motivated to him to take a step ahead in learning about gardening. He was given an opportunity to work in My Dream Garden by self-selection of role according to his choice in operations and handing website, Facebook page, product updating etc. He started to feel insecure about his career, “Am I in the right path, do I have future in this company,” as his qualification was into different field. Later on he was inspired by his fellow team members and their dedication, which motivated him to spend his days and nights in the company and gradually growth was visible in his career by providing back-end support to the other staff. He was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to move to operations, online order management and maintenance due to navigation skills. There was a continuous growth in the company due to his efficacy and interest towards his work. He enjoys is working, even in hectic schedules.

Mahesha is an essential employee and always appreciated for his flexibility and management skills. His leadership skills have been enhanced and able to handle any kind of scenario in garden. When he feels low, he gets motivated by seeing the gardeners and their efficiency towards work. A gardener is an asset to the company and inspires to do something for the society and environment.

My dream garden has been like a family and fulfilled all our basic requirements- food and accommodation. Responsibilities have increased where family comes first (company), where ‘I’ has been changed to ‘we’. Mahesh is able to solve any problem in life with confidence and face them with the help and support from team at My Dream Garden.

Mahesha associating with the company and gardeners looking forward to spread awareness for the future generations, providing educational kits for kids and educating them on gardening, he will stick to the company in thick and thin. It is a challenge that we can all work to change our environment despite the circumstances.


MSc – Horticulture (Vegetable Science)

Chikkaballapur, Karnataka

Research associate and Maintenance support

Navya, young and ambitious woman from Chikkaballapur, Karnataka has completed her post-graduation in Horticulture in vegetable science. Started her career in My Dream Garden as a Research Associate at that time of joining My Dream Garden Navya had acquired theoretical knowledge with help of Saravana, and she excelled her skills about gardening and its techniques. When she visited our demo garden filled with greenery and cultivation of vegetables on terrace, she was amazed! Can this be possible to cultivate vegetables on terrace!

Navya was handling the entire garden, taking care of plants, monitoring the various changes and enhancements in garden, guiding the customers and solving queries. Visiting customers’ garden for maintenance and addressing issues related to gardens. In this process of visiting the gardens, we were able to analyze that customers are interested in gardening but knowledge of cultivation was lacking. Therefore, we started the Gardener Training Program for our gardeners and associates to enhance the skills and provide the knowledge to educate the customers in cultivation and care needed for the plants.

Gardeners are great, there are so many things to learn and cultivate from them. They are ready to do any kind of work in the garden and always perform at their best in each task from sowing to harvesting, explaining to the customers and maintaining the cleanliness of the garden. Always having a smile on their face in spite of hectic day and working in gardens apart from traveling.

My Dream Garden is the only company which stands along with the customers apart from setting up the garden, providing maintenance, solving queries, following up with the customers, taking their feedback and educating them regarding organic terrace gardening. To have a demo garden is a great thought, by showing a live example to people that organic gardening is possible in your own terraces. Propagation, handing pots, vertical gardens and rare plants are available for the customers to go green and grow plants even in limited space.

It was a great experience in My Dream Garden due to traveling issues she was not able to continue. She continued her career as a Lecturer in Rai University was unsatisfied with the work, because it was only one-way communication and it was not an interesting and challenging work. Navya rejoined My Dream Garden.

Navya has been assigned to handle the Maintenance Department with guidance from other colleagues. Started analyzing the customers’ behavior, improved her marketing skills and learnt how a business works by improving entrepreneur skills. In the beginning, she was facing several challenges on customer queries, Management team at My Dream Garden has always been supporting and encouraging her to understand customer relationships and gave her complete freedom and knowledge to improve services to the customers.

In Her Words, “My Dream Garden is been a great inspiration in spreading and creating awareness to the society, it’s a great achievement for me being associated with such a motivating team that is working towards a single vision ‘Go Green’.”




Somnath was born in Odisha and belongs to farming background, he comes from an underprivileged family who had dreams to live a better life, but due to their financial status he never went to school. He started his career by supporting his father in agriculture and farming at a very young age. At his home town water reservoirs were not built, during the summers crops used to dry off and due to heavy rains in rainy season uprooting of crops and soil erosion used to cause loss at field. Witnessing an evergreen farm turn into a barren land is the most dreadful situation in a farmer’s life. Huge damage was caused to the crops; their financial status was drastically decreasing.

In search of job, he started to traveling nearby cities and different states. He started to take up all kinds of jobs in fields, construction work, working in factories, as a labor, in chemical industry etc. He was working 4 years in Tamil Nadu in a packaging company, he faced lot of issues working over there- communication was one of the major concern, food and other basic needs were not provided. Through a reference he got to know about my dream garden needs a gardener, he thought ‘He got an opportunity to showcase his knowledge and talent at farming’. He contacted Mr. Ashok regarding the job opening and was invited for the interview.

Mr.Ashok was happy to help him with a job and basic needs, by understanding his situations at home. Somnath joined My Dream Garden as a gardener and it has been almost 10 months of working over here, he became an expert at learning and acquiring skills. At first training and knowledge about organic terrace garden was given by the Research Associates, how maintenance is done, our way of approach to customers, personality development and potting mix preparation etc. Once the training was completed, he was placed in potting mix preparation – now he knows what all components need to be added in what proportion and packaging. In My Dream Garden most of the gardeners speak in regional language (Kannada) in beginning it was difficult for him to manage; now he can understand and Speak in Kannada. He loves his work and passionate about his job and enjoys working in garden. Working in the nature makes him feel proud and assists other gardeners in maintenance.

In his words, “Working with My Dream Garden is a pleasure, and they provide all the basic needs, management and colleagues are friendly, always supporting and encouraging us to be at our best.”

Hire Singh



Hire Singh is from Maharashtra, farming is the main occupation of his family. He comes from a small village in Maharashtra were agriculture is the only occupation.

He started his career working in fields along with his parents at very young age. In his family no one are educated or gone to schooling. He comes from an underprivileged community where farming has been thought to children and passed on the next generations. Due to climatic conditions and water resources, the production of the crops was drastically reduced and to continue career in farming had become very difficult. Lands had dried up, no water reservoirs, increase in temperature etc., where production of crops was very difficult and income was reduced too. In search of job, he traveled and worked in different places, whoever provided a job.

He had worked one day at a sticker company and was very unhappy because they did not provide them with water, where water is the basic need. He joined my dream garden as a gardener.

Training was provided to him, he works in demo garden, fabrication, potting mix preparation etc. He loves working in My Dream Garden because enjoys cultivation of crops and company takes care of their needs. Accommodation is available, we are provided with rooms. It feels like working in field but in cities.



Banahalli, Mulbagal, Karnataka

Narayanswamy, a farmer born in Banahalli near Mulbagal, Karnataka belongs to an agricultural background. He supported his father and brothers in the field from childhood. Being a lower middle class family, they could not afford education for all the children. As they grew up, there were conflicts among brothers, so they had to sell the farming fields and settle the issue.

With the money he received after settlement, Narayanswamy bought an auto and started driving for his livelihood. It was a tough job riding all day, and in all climatic conditions. Initially, there was a constant income later on the income reduced and it became tough for him to manage. Through a reference, he got to know about requirement for gardeners in My Dream Garden. He thought lets work for a month and see if he can fit into the work, was confused if gardening is possible on terraces in a bag.

He joined My Dream Garden in 2013, when we were a budding business and only 4-5 grow bags on terraces and eventually we started the company in a small shop with four employees. Mr. Ashok trained and educated Narayanswamy in cultivation of crops in grow bags, application of nutrition at different stages of the plants. Potting mix preparation used to be done underneath the tree near the shop, preparation was only once a week and production was 13 bags, and we used to sell it for the entire week.

Initially along with Ashok, he used to go for garden set-up’s, maintenance at customers place. At that time if we receive one order it was a great thing. In the second month, the orders increased and the sales were good. Cost of basic package was 13 thousand with lifetime maintenance, if a set up was confirmed it was a great thing, and we used to accomplish the task with complete dedication.

To spread awareness among people about gardening, we showed our complete efforts in, setting up of stalls and distributing brochures in parks and Newspapers. The business started to develop slowly. He used to face difficulties with directions in Bangalore, and was a tedious task to understand maps. Company provided us accommodation and food, he had to cook for fellow gardeners and complete gardening tasks entire day. During the time of setup, due to lack of education, he was not able to write the customers details, so clients used to help him.

My Dream Garden had become his family; he became close to everyone at company and had cherished every moment being with My Dream Garden. He never used to ask for monthly salary, while traveling to home town he used to collect 3 months’ salary altogether. He started enjoying his work, and now he visits his family occasionally and not more than 2 days. He is always concerned about the garden and work.

In our demo garden, we had ten medium size grow bags and two large bags with creepers for display, along with creepers supported by bamboo sticks. In his free time, he learnt welding for production of single step stands, orders began to confirm, as there was lot of demand for stands, sultan joined the company.

Fabrication department has started and production of single step stand, double step stand and triple step stand was made according to the customer needs. Our new project was, to develop a greenhouse structure initially we started with bamboo sticks as support in four corners and nets were tied over the plants with support of clamps. Clamps and bamboo sticks were not strong enough to hold the structure in heavy winds and rains. Later with lot of brain storming and understanding the customer needs we came up with a reliable Greenhouse structure that can survive all climatic conditions.

Manju and Narayanswamy were one amongst our initial dedicated employees used to set up the garden, maintain it like their own garden or field. His motto was if we love our work and do it with dedication, the company grows, and we grow along with the company. Even in clients place as we take care of their garden, customer will take care of us and treat us well.

In his hometown, no one believes that farming can be done on terraces and people are interested in having a vegetable garden in their terraces. His understanding on the emerging technologies and customer preferences made company to grow eventually.

Magic planter box was an innovate idea and made lives easier for people who love gardening. Maintenance time and work has been reduced when Magic planter boxes were introduced and people started to love the idea. Narayanswamy loves and enjoys his work; with passion he cares for the plants, He says, “We have to nurture the plants, like we care our children.”

Shivaraj K M

Degree in Bachelors in Computer Science


Marketing Executive

Shivaraj is from an agricultural family from Kolar and pursued his graduation in Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Kolar. After completing graduation in search of job, he relocated to Bangalore and started his career by handling business with his brother for about one month. He was not satisfied with his work; so he decided to look out for a different job opportunity to showcase his talent and skills. He started to explore Bangalore and was not interested to work with relatives, so he quit the job. As a job hunter came to know about My Dream Garden.

He joined as a Marketing Executive. He started working in shop initially to learn about the products and different departments in the company and its process. Shivaraj was unaware of agriculture or horticulture, was amazed about growing vegetables in terrace and people are ready to purchase and install a garden. People are so interested and passionate in having a garden, due to lack of knowledge in gardening or cultivating a garden. Educating and creating awareness is one of the most important thing, which My Dream Garden does and helps people to understand better. They conduct various workshops which includes all the aspects of gardening. He is from different domain and had to learn a lot about terrace gardening and its techniques. Training was provided to him. A detail explanation and practical exposure was given. In beginning, he had lot of difficulties to face the customers or clients, he had to work on communication skills, personality skills, learn about various location of Bangalore. As days went on he started to excel and was able to progress in his career.

Eventually in my dream garden now he is one of the best marketing executive, he has grown in career as well as improve his soft skills, personality development, thing have changed a lot from the start till now. His words “It’s been a marvelous experience working with my dream garden.

Now Shivaraj can face any kind of client and crack a deal according to the client requirement. The role of a Marketing Executive encompasses analytical thinking and creativity in equal parts. It’s has been a long journey to learn and understand clients mind set and making sure of providing the right knowledge to costumes about the company. What is My Dream Garden? and its services. He always attempts to achieve double the target given to him.

Shivaraj has built a bond with his clients and regularly visits his customer’s garden and makes sure their garden is perfectly maintained. If, Customers are happy with our services there provide with reference to us. It has been an achievement in his life, growth in his career as well as personally. Now he is financially strong and able to support his family.

My dream garden has been a great support in building his career and enabling him to explore himself and encouraged him in every aspect of his life.

He is very grateful and thankfully to My Dream Garden, it’s one of the lovable jobs, He has been doing. Providing services to the customers and creating awareness about the organic gardening in urban cities. Go green, plant more greenery around you and help them to grow an organic terrace or balcony garden.

Tejashwini Rathod

MSc – Horticulture (Vegetable Science)

Marketing Leader, Bijapur Karnataka

Tejahwini Rathod, young and courageous woman from Bijapur, Karnataka, has completed her post-graduation in Horticulture in vegetable science in Dr. VRS Horticulture University and completed the thesis on “Methods of Grafting in IIHR Bangalore”. Started her career in My Dream Garden as a Research Associate at that time of joining; Tejahwini had acquired theoretical knowledge with the help of Saravana, she excelled her skills about gardening and its techniques.

Initially started working in Maintenance associated with gardeners in solving issue related to gardening, to provide solution and educate the customers regarding various pest and disease management. Clients are unaware of Urban Terrace Gardening, educating them was main goal of My Dream Garden, so once our customers are educated they can start gardening and nurturing on their own. During the process of interaction with the customer, i.e, to explain and educate them about terrace garden had become easy, because she knew five to six languages which made it easy to communicate in native languages. Guidelines were provided from Ashok, Kreethi and Saravana to understand the customer behavior.

Later on she was promoted to Marketing Team for her customer friendly and bold attitude. It was a challenge to handle marketing because her education was completely related to pure science… It was a splendid opportunity to learn various aspects of marketing like customer interaction, customer behavior, and digital marketing. Thought towards the company changed, it involves various work process, each and every aspect matters. Customers are a major role in improving and helping me to grow along with their queries. Customer feedback and positive inputs have a positive impact to do more and provide better services to the customers.

Promoted as Marketing leader – roles were solving the queries of the customers through mails, calls, and messages. Lead generation and scheduling leads and stalls. Solving various garden related queries and issues.

Her Words- “My Dream Garden has provided an exposure, self-confidence and personality development, it has been a great experience working in all the department, I have got a good opportunity to grow further by placing me in marketing department, I feel proud to be in My Dream Garden. Whenever I visit customer place as part of MDG the greetings I receive is wonderful….”

Her aim is to spread greenery, create awareness, reduced pollution, and consume organic vegetables and fruits.

Anupa Christle Serrao

MSc – Horticulture (Post Harvesting Technology)


Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Anupa Christle Serrao, young and passionate woman from Chikmagalur, Karnataka has completed her post-graduation in Horticulture in post harvesting technology at Bagalkot and her schooling was from JNV, Chikkamangaluru. Started her career in My Dream Garden as a Research Associate at that time of joining My Dream Garden; Aunpa had acquired theoretical knowledge on horticulture with help of Saravana, she excelled her skills about gardening and its techniques.

Initially she started working in all the departments in my dream garden as probation period to learn and understand the different departments in My Dream Garden. Anupa was placed in maintenance to handle Magic Planter Box Packages details along with assisting and coordinating with the customers to fix an appointment for maintenance and send emails to customers to maintain the garden according to the garden status.

In beginning, it was difficult to understand the workflow and interaction with customers and gardeners. Felt very proud of working in maintenance which has a bonding with the customers and are the face of My Dream Garden to maintain a healthy relationship with the customers to service the customers. It was a great exposure to learn customer relationship, customer behavior, associating with gardening and creating awareness about various nutrient applications.

As she was from horticulture background, she was astonished to see in urban cities people are passionate about gardening, health conscious to serve them and their family with healthy lifestyle. In urban cities the ‘kayos’ is created as a part of busy lifestyle. At the day end people need to spend time with nature and relax with family. Organic gardening on their terrace creates bountifully space.

Later promoted to Marketing Team to address and resolve queries, responding to social media queries and digital marketing. Personally she has enhanced her skills in communication, personality development and business management skills.

A After Joining My Dream Garden personally she has realized the importance of gardening and eating healthy and be healthy.

T M Noorudheen

Masters in Computer Application

Creative Designer

Tirur, Kerala

It’s your typical a creative story. As a child, He loved creating things like Painting, drawing, Gardening anything he could get his hands on to create. Since childhood his passion lies in greenery and cultivation of plants in his patio along with his sisters. As he grew up closely associated with greenery and nature, it’s become a part of him. These intend led him to study Computer science at college. Soon he found himself being drawn towards Graphic Design more than any other discipline, so he took up the course of Graphic designing. After graduating from the Madurai Kamaraja University, he was started his career with a web design agency in an MNC as Digital Marketing and Advertising in an ad agency for about 1 year, but they are a great bunch of people who taught me a lot. A lot has changed in the last 9 years.

Designing is a creative job which needs liberty to explore and use creative ideas, self-satisfaction is more important for a free thinker. Once he has a clear understating of what the needs, I research, dream, play lots of music from the 90s and come up with a concept that’s thrashed out with the team. When he knows the concept of work and understands, he creates a skeleton of the design and pulls together something simple pretty quickly. From there he moves onto creating a coloured-in version of the wireframes where the design comes to life. This is the stage where we decide the highlight colours, image styles, button styles, typeface preferences, icon styles etc. This part really makes him satisfied of the finished product.

My Dream Garden is a place where he is able to connect with the nature and enhances his creative designing skills. As saying goes “when you have a passion and your passion becomes a job, you will be able to create wonders”.

His words-“We enjoy working in office hours which helps to rejoice and relax simultaneously. It’s been a splendid experience.”

Kiran Angodi

BSc (Physic, Chemistry, Mathamatic); Diploma in Horticulture

Marketing Excecutive

Gadag, Karnataka

K Kiran is from an agricultural family from Gadag and pursued his graduation in Bachelors of Science and Diploma in Horticulture in Dharwad. After finishing degree in search of job, he had relocated to Bangalore and started his career working in ICICI Bank in Home Loan Department for Six months. He was not satisfied with his work; so he decided to look out for a different job opportunity to showcase his talent and skills. As a job hunter came to know about my dream garden. Joined My Dream Garden as Marketing Executive in the year 2016, he was introduced to gardening under the supervision of Saravana, learnt about gardening technique, which helps him to explain and educate the customer about the services and products.

As he was new to Bangalore, he had to explore the areas and localities of Bangalore, initially it was tricky for him. He has learned a lot after joining My Dream Garden, developed Communication skills, Customer relationship building, Marketing strategies, providing sales and services, personality development .

He loves being surrounded by creative people, different minds, and a collusion of different ideas.” And he found the perfect mix of that as a Marketing Executive.

Initially he was not able to interact with the customers or communicate, he was not outspoken person, My Dream Garden Team has helped in building up my confidence, skill set, and customer relationship. He was affair to talk to the customer, even to approach them.

He has improved a lot from beginning till now, without any hesitation he is able to speak fluently and without stammering, with confidence he is able to ashore the customer about bring up the garden in their terraces.

Due to his knowledge in horticulture, it was easy to explain and educate the customer technically regarding Organic terrace gardening. In My Dream Garden, Marketing executives aim to maximise profits through developing sales strategies that match customer requirements and by promoting products, services or ideas.

His words- I’m happy with my work, “I want each day to be different.” He is a silent and soft nature. His main focus is keeping customers happy and helping to improve the customer experience. To do that, he works with different teams across the company, including Production Team, Research, Maintenance, and the other half of his own team.

My Dream Garden has been converting concrete city to urban garden city, it’s an immense pleasure working with nature and able to create awareness about organic vegetable gardening.

Niveditha .C .K

B.E – Computer Science

Maintenance operation executive. 

Coorg, Karnataka

Niveditha, a young and passionate woman from Coorg, Karnataka has completed her Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer Science at Vivekananda College of Engineering and Technology, Mangalore and her schooling was from SMDRS, Coorg. After completing with her education, she had interest in learning Java and C++.

As a fresher she started her career with My Dream Garden as System Admin, through her brother got to know about My Dream Garden. She was placed in Maintenance Department as System admin. She had to learn a lot about gardening and plants, initially as a fresher, she had faced few difficulties to understand the process and about customer relationship with regard to gardening due to her education was completely different branch of science. As she is from agricultural family background, she grew up closely associated with greenery and nature, so she is able to connective with nature in My Dream Garden. In spite of studying in different domain, she was enthusiastic to learn about gardening.

Any businesses rely on some type of computer system for their daily tasks, computer engineers are known to work all over the map in both the private and public sectors. Gardening sector provides job facility for computer science back ground too.

In Maintenance, she was handling Customer Data and Revenue Generation. She is maintaining the details of the customers, consolidating monthly revenue data, gardener’s kit, Documentation, file updation, Customer garden Photos segregation and updation.

Work experience has enhanced her skills in communication, to build confidence and patience, gradually it has enhanced her personality and grown gradually. A platform that helps people recognize their ancestral roots and interests. She was inspired by the work “My Dream Garden was doing and knew she had to be a part of it”.

Working in My Dream Garden she has learnt about how a company runs, different departments in a company, various processes from marketing to post maintenance.

It is a friendly environment and My Dream Garden Team has been a great support, helping me and providing me knowledge.

Organic terrace gardening is has innovative and creative idea which I will be taking home to create awareness and has plans to execute it. Working in My Dream Garden has been a privilege to learn and grow personality and as well as professionally.

Organic terrace gardening is has innovative and creative idea which I will be taking home to create awareness and has plans to execute it. Working in My Dream Garden has been a privilege to learn and grow personality and as well as professionally.

Harish N



Mysore, Karnataka

Harish was born in an agricultural family from Mysore and completed his pre-university education and pursued IIT in Mysore. Harish come from all walks of life, has varied jobs, and is truly passionate about gardening. He started his career working in the fields with his family, he worked in field, construction company, lifting bricks, stones, sand, cement etc. Lot of physical effort is required usually civil work. Later joined KEB as a pole staff for few months, he had to climb the pole and fix the wiring and it was a crucial job, and his life is at risk. His passion lied in farming, so he went back to Mysore and started working in fields, due to scarcity of water; they had to face many problems in growth and cultivation. Due to his financial status, he had to relocate to Bangalore in search of job. Worked as an Apprentice in TVS and in car parking lots in KG Road Bangalore, went back to home town started working as sales man, in fields, almost all kinds of jobs he was doing.

Harish and his friends are a team of nine members from childhood, born and brought up together. The bonding between them is great. Through Naveen got to know about My Dream Garden, their whole team joined my dream garden as gardeners.

Training was provided to explain and educate them regarding urban organic terrace gardening. Harish was assigned to set up the gardens. Within a month’s time Harish learnt the techniques of urban terrace gardening with the guidance of My Dream Garden Team especially to Research Team… They have educated him and fellow gardeners. Training covered all the aspects of gardening like seed sowing, the depth of the seeds to be sown, how to fill the potting mix, making of potting mix, pruning, staking, harvesting etc.

For about six months Harish is used to do garden set up and alternatively sometimes for garden maintenance. They were no difficult in knowing the areas in Bangalore, since he was working in KEB (Karnataka Electric board).

Harish has set up around 180-200 gardens. He gets an immense sense of satisfaction upon completing the set-ups and maintenance and seeing the delight on the customers face, knowing that he has made them a garden they will treasure it for years to come.

Initially during set up customers are very happy, later on the customer used to have issues with the garden regarding pest and diseases. During maintenance he used to guide them with suggestions and provide solutions to various problems.

Later on Navya started to train the gardeners and explain them in detail about horticulture and its techniques. During feedback call, Harish used to observer how Research Associates use to explain and communicate with the customers and provide customers solution. He used to implement the techniques and learnt communication skills.

MDG team has been a great support always, each and everyone have been encouraging him to enhance his skills and enjoys working.

After Navya was promoted to Maintenance team, she has been encouraging them. Target system was introduced to gardeners to build up a healthy competition between them and different departments. Mr. Ashok (CEO), Mrs. Kreethi (M.D) & Miss. Navya have always been as a backbone, supported the gardeners and encouraged them to achieve their Targets, which built his self confidence and motivated him to give his best. This in turn reflected on Team building and providing excellent services.

On our website and social media, My Dream Garden updates all the recent activities. When Harish’s post appears on facebook, he feels so proud of it, as recognition globally and in his social circle appreciates, he feels so privileged to work in My Dream Garden. In their home tome people, recognize him as My Dream Garden Employee. They are proud about their job and working for a better cause of the world and helping people to cultivate organic vegetable garden.

Sheik Md Sultan

Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh


Sultan is from an agricultural background from Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh. He has completed Fifth grade. He was not interested in learning, so he helped his father in farming. His father suggested relocating to Bangalore, since his mother’s relatives are placed in Bangalore and there is no future in this village. When he had relocated to Bangalore in was in rental house in R.T. Nagar.

He started his career working in welding shop with daily wedges of 70 rupee, painting and fabricating grill, making gates, and small fabrication work.

Once his house owner had said, “he does not have the capability to work, only fit for painting and small welding work”. When he heard that, it initiated him to work hard and excel in career. That was the turning point in his life, which made him realize and learnt the skills of fabrication within 5 years.

He had been work there since 11 years, they was no particular timing to work, most of the time work was outside the shop, in apartments to make gates and grills and salaries was not on time.. It was weekly wedges. His working days were from Monday to Saturday, on Sundays he freelanced.

Sultan’s journey started in My Dream Garden with fabrication of green house and grill work at a customer’s place, he was introduced by sultan’s friend to fabricate green house. His efficiency towards work was appreciated. Mr. Ashok offered him to work with My Dream Garden to fabricate garden stands and green houses.

Weekly twice sultan worked in My Dream Garden, to fabricate the garden stand and any customized stands for the following week. Initially garden stands where plastic, even the green house fabrication was simple. Green house was made by net on top and four poles at the corners. He used to come finish his work and leave.

Once Mr. Ashok had asked sultan for suggestion on fabrication of stand, how to improvise it and what kind of metal is required to provide better services and quality to the customers. Sutlan had suggested going for MS metal 16 gauge metal. Sutlan’s creativity and experience along with customer’s feedback, invention of single step stand, double step stand and triple step stand. As the product and quality of the stands were supreme, customer preferred stands in their garden and demand was high.

My Dream Garden started with fabrication department and sultan was in charge of the entire department. Responsibility and commitment towards him increased, it was not like before, now he is more committed towards work. He has been working with My Dream Garden since three an half years.

In MDG, he works with his free will, till date no one questions him about his work, due to his efficiency and dedication. We don’t have any restriction towards work, ‘we can experiment on our new ideas’. The entire requirement from fabrication team will be completed on time. Any time updates are welcomed and he can fix them in a fraction of the time due to experience in fabrication field.

He is married and has a younger daughter and older son. He is able to handle his personally and professional life. There is no particular time to work in MDG. Till date he has not asked for his salary and he doesn’t even have track of it, Mr. Ashok deposits to the account. Financially he has stabilized after joining My Dream Garden.

He feels proud, recognized and his opinion matters to the company. MDG has never compromised on quality of the metal and materials. The pattern of work in My Dream Garden - “One hour’s work can be done a whole day, but in MDG One day’s work is done in One hour”.

My Dream Garden has been creating awareness and new generations are not able to identify the plant and the vegetable from where they have grown. How a plant grows, creepers, underground vegetables. Have a garden in their terrace, helps to educate kid and healthy lifestyle.

Manjunath. V. A

Marasandra, Bangalore, Karnataka


Manjunath was born in an agricultural family in Marasandra, studied upto eight grade and started working in their fields in cultivation of vegetables. They cultivate tomato, brinjal, greens and etc,. It was difficult to cultivate vegetables due to scarcity of water.

He started his career working in floral gardening company for about two years, once he had visited the My Dream Garden shop to purchase few materials. As he quit the company, Ashok offered him a job opening in My Dream Garden as Gardener, as why you want to work somewhere else.

At the time of joining, only one shop was there and in shop was divided into two half, one was warehouse and other was gardening shop, only one employee named Tatappa was there with Mr. Ashok and Jagadish. Munjunath had joined them, at that time only 30 bags were there on terrace. Ashok and Jagadish handled morning stalls and workshops. Tatappa and Manjunath handled the shop.

From the day of joining till 10 days Manjunath was trained and educated regarding the company and its process. How to prepare potting mix, why potting mix is used, what is a grow bag, and its uses, method of sowing, how many seeds to be sown, how to set up a garden, communication with the customers, pest and disease management, staking, etc. Manjunath was sacred, if he do something worry… later on he learnt to methods of cultivating vegetable terrace garden. Organic vegetable gardening was way to different from land farming, the methods and techniques. It was difficult to grow in land itself, initially growing in polythene bags- he had doubt, is this possible to grow vegetables in grow bags due to space constrain and availability.

At that time we were maintaining six to seven gardens, and had Tata indica for Set up and Discover two wheeler vehicle for maintenance. Along with Ashok, Manjunath had gone for morning stalls to advertise and create awareness about My Dream Garden. In beginning 10-20 days it was difficult for Manjunath, to understand, learn the techniques and communicate to the customers.

His first set up was at Vidyapeeta circle – 15000 Package, he was very excited as it was his first garden set up. Business started to develop and customer’s volume also increased. When customers visited the shop, they would explained them regarding the grow bags and to start with one grow bag to experiment. The results were excellent and customers started purchasing our products and packages.

Srikanth had joined My Dream Garden as a gardener. We had bought a small warehouse behind the shop and Narayanswamy joined the team. Srikanth and Narayanswamy use to sleep in shop, food coupons were provided. Basic needs were taken care by the company and treated as a family member. There had split into two terms one for set up and mixing and other team for maintenance and repotting. As an organic company Pest management we had was Accon double effect and for nutrition vermicompost. Manjunath was unaware of the routes in Bangalore, he had to explore Bangalore. Ashok had guided him with about the various locations. Mr. Ashok had trained them and accompanied him at time of set up and maintenance. As employees rate increased, sufficient space was not available for them to stay, hence a rental room was provided for the gardeners.

Mr. Ashok has always treated us a part of their family, helped him in time of need and personally taken care. Mr. Ashok started training the gardener to learn English, so they can communicate with the customers. Was not able to educate them

My Dream Garden associated with Horticulture team to educate the gardeners with regards to methods of cultivation, nutrients and its deficient symptoms, various pest management and its preventive measures, Saravana from Horticulture department had trained them.

Sultan had joined My Dream Garden for fabrication in making of green house and garden stands. Sultan work was good and our sales also increased due stands and various grow bag packages were introduced. A new department was added to MDG marketing.

It is not a monotonous job work in one place, we get to meet new people, interact, communicate, travel, and get to explore various types of people and places, all the age group people we meet. The warm greetings we receive from the customers are wonderful. He feels, “I’m doing great work to help people to grow a garden”. My Dream Garden employees are recognized by their T. Shirts MDG, and are welcomed inside their houses without any hesitation. Customers treat gardeners as part of their family.

We never would’ve dreamed that the company can grown these urge without the support of Mr. Ashok. How well the gardens have grown in our customers place and the number of employees has also increased and garden we are now dealing with on a daily basis it’s just remarkable. From 30 grow bags, it’s expanded to 400 and more grow bags now. Now we have 13 bikes for maintenance and ommi for set ups, we have expanded from one shop to four shops and two offices in terrace. Initially two employee at the time of joining now around 70-80 employees and Company has provided mobile phones and SIM, sufficient salary, vehicles for garden maintenance.

Magic Planter Box was introduced in My Dream Garden, initially “he was wondering can we grow plants in metal box? We experimented in your garden and it showed greater success rate.

Magic planter box packages where introduced and customer’s response was great… MDG has designed and customaries according to various crops like little MPB for leafy veggies, Evergreen MPB for all veggies and Fruit MPB for fruit plants. Various green house packages were introduced. Online sales also increased.

It has been a wonderful journey in my dream garden. The company has provided all the basic needs and been a support for us. It is a privilege to work in My Dream Garden. He feels proud to say, ‘I’m working in a gardening company. When their family member and relatives view on Facebook the photos and post on My Dream Garden page, He feels privileged working in MDG.

Suresh Babu

MBA Finance

Mulbagal, Karnataka


Suresh was born from an agricultural family in Mulbagal, Karnataka. He has completed MBA in Finance in MVJ College. Started his career as Junior

Accountant in Adrasha Developers Company for one year. Through Facebook, he got to know about My Dream Garden, Suresh and Ashok were hostel mates.

Suresh joined My Dream Garden in 2017 as an Accountant. First day of job at My Dream Garden, was sent to garden maintenance with Gardener Narayanswamy at a customer’s place, he had cleaned the entire garden and assisted him. He was in charge of the shop and accounts of My Dream Garden and stayed with other gardener’s in room. He was shocked and amazed to see vegetables growing on terraces. Never expected customer would install a garden of one lakh too. At the time of joining, there were only 20 employees in My Dream Garden with one shop and two offices in terraces. Documentation of data and accounts was not implemented. He implemented tracking system of accounts and follows up with reports of daily, weekly and monthly reports in detail, develop a bookkeeping system, set up a payroll system, periodically evaluation of accounts. My Dream Garden has expanded to from one shop to various departments – Maintenance, Marketing, Research and Development, Fabrication, Inventor and Accounts. The number of employee has increased around 70. It’s a developing company, innovation of products takes place every six months once. Initially it was difficult to understand the company, people. He had to focus on Effective Budgets, having worked in accounting with the experience, core strength is his ability to prepare and present an effective and balanced budget and forecast any unplanned expenses. Despite being unconventional in some ways, these positions can represent an enticing option for accountants who are willing to explore a little bit outside of their comfort zone. When you’re working in an accounting job at a company with minimal resources, you need to be able to squeeze all the value you can out of each and every transaction. Creativity and out- of-the-box thinking are musts for accountants at start-ups, even if neither of these traits meshes with the popular stereotypes about accountants.

My Dream Garden has improved his communication skills with the customer, marketing skills, practical knowledge, People management and company financial management, and he is financially stable.

Organic terrace garden provides chemical free food, mental refill, hobby for retirement people, and passion for few. Our office is based in Banaswadi, Bangalore but throughout Bangalore our gardens are set up with the latest products like Magic Planter Box, designer stands and various other garden products. His Words “If I had worked anywhere else, I would not get an opportunity or position in an established company, it’s been a privilege to work in My Dream Garden to grow personally and professionally.” It’s more feasible and compelling, working in a start-up environment can come with huge advantages. More than anything else, it offers an opportunity to build something innovative from the ground level.

Rajashekar K

P.U.C & ITI – Electrical

S.K.P. Agrahara, Karnataka


Rajashekar was born in an agricultural family from S.K.P. Agrahara, Karnataka and completed his Pre-University education and pursued ITI in Electrical Mysore. Rajashekar come from all walks of life, has worked in varied jobs, and passionate about gardening. He started his career working in KEB as an Electrician for Three years in Belgum, it was a crucial job, and life risking. Worked in Medical shop for Five years in Mysore, he had to relocate to Bangalore in search of job. Worked as an Apprentice in TVS and in car parking lots in Chickpet Bangalore, went back to home town started working as sales man, in fields, almost all kinds of jobs he was doing.

Rajashekar and his friends are a team of nine members from childhood, born and brought up together. The bonding between them is great. Through Naveen got to know about My Dream Garden, their whole team joined My Dream Garden as gardeners in the year 2016.

Training was provided by Anand to educate them regarding Urban Organic Terrace Gardening. Rajashekar was assisting Anand in Garden Maintenance. He was placed in preparation of potting, painting then in Garden Maintenance. Within a three month’s time Rajashekar was skilled with the techniques of Urban Terrace Gardening with the guidance of My Dream Garden Team especially to Research Team… They have educated him and fellow gardeners. Training covered all the aspects of gardening like seed sowing, the depth of the seeds to be sown, how to fill the potting mix, making of potting mix, pruning, staking, harvesting etc.

At the time of joining we had only shop an office in terrace. He learnt what is organic? The advantages of organic gardening, different types of plants like root vegetable, leafy vegetables, fruit vegetable and fruit plant. Before joining My Dream Garden he knew only papaya, mango and guava plant. Even never knew to ride a bike and different locations and area of Bangalore. He knew only flower can be grown on terraces, it was shocking to see vegetables grown on terrace.

Beginning, he didn’t have a cell phone to communicate with his family, used to use phone booth every day. Before joining my dream garden, he had lot of financial issues, was able to solve it, constructed house, and bought a bike, now he is financial state is stable.

My Dream Garden has provided a platform and appreciates his work. He has gained society respects, now his family is proud about his job. Family takes pride saying that he works in My Dream Garden.

Dedication and responsibility towards work was minimal, later on he gave his 100% to each and every garden, and later on customer’s feedbacks are good and appreciated him and his work efficiency. He was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to have some life coaching and it made a huge difference in the way of see things and to start to break down the many barriers he has built up by Anand, Rajashekar has excelled in work due to Anand and his guidance with My Dream Garden Team.

It’s a great concept to grow your own vegetable and to create awareness regarding organic terrace gardening, young generation can have pure oxygen and greenery surrounding them, with a healthy life style. In his home he has set up a terrace garden. I’ve learned lot during my time here.

I feel very fortunate to work at a company with so many incredible people, who share their wisdom. Since that time two years ago Organic vegetable terrace gardens has grown to employ over 70 dedicated and skilled staff and qualified horticulturalists. Our aim is to provide good services to the customers.