Pottingmix single page

Pottingmix single page

Potting mix is an incredible fertile soil, for the seeds of change to greenery”


Our flagship potting mix have been formulated after many years of research and contain large loads of nutrients and bio fertilizers. 16 organics are mixed to create the right balance of macro, micro and trace elements required for healthy growth of plants. They can easily be used for 5 years at a stretch.

For gardening, potting mix is the basic material which can be used as potting media. Good plant growth, quality and yield of vegetables can be expected only when we use a high quality nutritional potting mix.

Potting mix is a mixture of following Constituents -Coco peat, Vermi compost, Red soil, Neem powder, Bone meal, Pongamia cake, Humic granules, Lime, Bio enzyme, Seaweed extract, Panchagavya, Cow dung and Microbes

Benefits of using potting mix

  • Nutrient rich media- Potting mix is highly nutritious which contains 15 different materials which provide all macro, micro and trace elements at all stages of plant growth.
  • Improves yield- Potting mix helps in improving the yield of the plants as it provides the essential nutrients at all stages of plant growth.
  • Long life- Potting mix lasts for more than 5 years provided if you top up the potting mix with all the nutrient ingredients (listed in constituents) at regular intervals (for every 10 days interval).

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