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Root growth , photosynthesis and many critical metabolic function.

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Bone meal:

Phosphorus and Calcium rich manure

          Bone meal is a mixture of finely and coarsely ground animal bones and slaughter-house waste products. It is used as an organic manure for plants and as a nutritional supplement. As a slow-release manure, bone meal is primarily used as a source of phosphorus and protein.

Source: Wikipedia

Benefits of using Bone meal

  • Increased root growth and development:  Due to the presence of adequate amount of phosphorus in bone meal, it helps in better root growth and development of tertiary and beneficial roots.


  • Increased nutrient uptake: Enlarged root system of the plants helps in maximum uptake of nutrients.


  • Enhances flowering: Phosphorus is also essential for plants to flower, hence adequate supply of phosphorus through bone meal application helps in increasing flower growth.


  • Helps in photosynthesis: Bone meal application helps in increasing leaf surface area therefore, helps in increasing photosynthesis and production of more plant food.


  • Helps in metabolic functions: Phosphorus is the major component for genetic material like DNA and RNA and helps in making the genetic makeup.


  • Helps in controlling blossom end rot in tomato


Packaging quantity: Available in 1kg and 2 kg packets


Dosage: Apply 4-5 teaspoon of bone meal for grow bags and 1 fistful for planter box at weekly intervals


Method of application-

Loosen the potting media around the plants (2-3 inch depth).

Apply 4-5 teaspoon of bone meal for grow bags and 1 fistful for planter box.

Mix thoroughly with potting media.

Level the potting mix properly.

Watering should be done immediately after nutrient application (based on moisture content).


Note:   Nutrient application must be done 2-3 inch away from the stem.

Quantity of nutrient application also depends on growth stage of the plants


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