Why you need potting mix to start a terrace or balcony garden?

Why you need potting mix to start a terrace or balcony garden?

Potting mix, is also called potting media or soil, is a blend of various nutrient ingredients used to cultivate plants. Often containing a combination of organic nutrients of micro, macro and trace elements. It’s an essential element for all stages of plant growth, a complete media for urban gardening or farming. The main feature of potting mix is its ability to retain moisture within a container that contains a plant.

In urban cities it’s difficult to find soil due to constrain of spaces and urbanization. Still, we can cultivate gardens in the available space such as terraces, balconies and indoor. Even in terraces or balconies, container requires soil to grow vegetables and fruits. All Crops don’t grow in normal soil especially vegetables; it requires all the essential elements to grow into a healthy crop to provide a good yield. Hence, potting mix is the best solution for the urban farming.

Our potting mix have been formulated after many years of research and contain large loads of nutrients and elements. 16 various organics nutrients are mixed to create the right balance of macro, micro and trace elements required for healthy growth of plants. They can easily be used for 5 years at a stretch without repotting.

For gardening, potting mix is the basic material required which is used as potting media. It acts as a Good plant growth promoter, good quality and yield of vegetables can be expected only when we use a high quality nutritional potting mix.

Let’s have a look at what a good potting mix consists of:

Potting mix is a mixture of following Constituents -

Coco peat, Vermicompost, Red soil, Neem powder, Bone meal, Pongamia cake, Humic granules, Lime, Bio enzyme, Seaweed extract, Panchagavya, Cow dung and Microbes. A plant requires micro, macro and trace elements for a healthy growth and if any compound is insufficiency, it shows deficiency symptoms and various disorders, will lead to deficiency and eventually the crops don’t grow well.

Need of a Potting Mix in garden

The main goal of preparing potting mix is to get the right amount of nutrients and water to a plant. The potting media must have enough organic nutrients and the potting media must retain enough water to deliver to a plant’s roots.

  • Its Nutrients enrich media- Potting mix is highly nutritious which contains 16 different organic compounds which provide all macro, micro and trace elements at all stages of plant growth.
  • Improves yield- Potting mix helps in improving the good yield of the plants, as it provides the essential nutrients throughout life cycle.
  • Long life- Potting mix lasts for more than 5 years provided if you top up the potting mix with all the nutrient ingredients at regular intervals. Regular top up needs to be done every 10 days, it’s must to top up with potting mix and other nutrients.
  • The soil is loamy- Lightweight, absorbs the moisture and retains water compound within the potting mix. Provides air space in the soil for the roots to breathe and grow. A plant’s roots need oxygen to function appropriately. Potting mix is required to support the plant and anchor the roots. Potting mix provides organic nutrients for flowers and vegetables and improves soil texture and structure.
  • Duration – Life span of the potting mix, it can be they till 4 -5 years only top up needs to be done after each crop.
  • Variety of plants -Any kind of plantation can be grown using potting mix.
  • Supports the Growth of Foliage- The potting mix has enough structure to be able to support a plant as it matures.


To achieve its function, growing media used in container nurseries should be:

- light-weight,

-good porosity,

-well-drained but with good water holding capacity,

-slightly acidic with good cation-exchange-capacity;

-able to maintain a constant volume when wet or dry,

-free of insects, diseases, and weed seeds,

-low in silt, clay and ash content,

-easily stored for long periods of time without changes in physical and chemical properties and

-easily handled and blended.

The development of a healthy, fibrous root system needs a media with these good physical properties. Any nutrient or chemical deficiencies can be compensated for with additions of fertilizers and amendments.