What is a Magic Planter Box? How it benefits your garden?

What is a Magic Planter Box? How it benefits your garden?

Would you like to grow your own vegetables and fruits on terraces and balconies, but you only have a small apartment balcony or part of a roof terrace, or even just a patio outside? No worries! You can be an Urban Organic Gardener by introducing Magic Planter Box as growing containers to your garden.

“Magic Planter Box, is a magical invention to make gardening easier by amplifying the space”

One of our innovative products, Magic Planter Boxes are made up of Galvanized Iron metal and can be used as containers to nurture your favorite plants. Entire box is designed in such a way that all time aeration is provided to plant roots by drain cells surrounding the box and lined with Geotextile Membrane which avoids the loss of potting media and can be used efficiently for more than 5 years without replacing it. 

Magic planter box are customized into three different shapes according to the variety of crops. Different types of planter boxes are

Little Planter Box – for leafy vegetables

Evergreen Planter Box – for all fruit vegetables 

Fruit Planter Box – for fruit plants

Planter Box Benefits 

Benefits of Magic Planter Box

  1. It’s the perfect container for people with limited space to enjoy a garden on their balconies and terraces. Not, only Outdoor even indoor it can be used.
  2. It contains an inbuilt stand, which makes it easy for maintaining the hygiene of the garden.
  3. The drain cell in the Magic Planter Box helps in aeration and gaseous exchange for the roots.
  4. Magic Planter Box saves time because the plants are more closely spaced which makes it more difficult for weeds to find space to grow, resulting in less weeding time.
  5. Magic Planter Box provides more yield because of the high nutrient enrich potting mix and spacious.
  6. Efficiently spaced sowing with the help of seed sowing chart, enables to have more room for the plants to grow and better yield.
  7. Watering, Harvesting and any gardening work is way to easier in Magic Planter Box, especially for children and older people with trouble of bending over or kneeing down.
  8. Magic Planter Box helps in maintaining the hygiene and no seepage issues on your terraces and balconies.
  9. It helps in keeping out small pests and insects away which habitat in your garden below the containers.
  10. A great advantage to implant Magic Planter Box is aligned with Geo-textile membrane which allows only water to drain.
  11. Aesthetic presentation of your gardens at home.
  12. Lastly, Magic Planter Box saves money because amendments to the soil and Premium design to match your thoughts.

After experiencing the benefits of Magic Planter Box to cultivate organic urban vegetable terrace or balcony garden, everyone will recommend it.      

Magic Planter Box adds structure to the gardening area, and can distinctly define an Urban Garden at your home.