Urban Life Tips: How Terrace and Balcony Gardening Acts as a Stress Buster?

Urban Life Tips: How Terrace  and Balcony Gardening Acts as a Stress Buster?

Gardening acts as a Stress Buster!

Have you ever been in garden with your parents or grandparents in your childhood?? You would have experienced the joy and happiness of a flower blooming and tales recited by our grandparents… Eventually the thought itself brings a smile on our face. Let’s get the beauty and joy of gardening back and reduce the stress from our daily life.

Nurturing and cherishing a garden is a wonderful way to alleviate anxiety and build a quiet respite amidst in our busy life.

However, Research analysis has clearly shown gardening has a positive impact on reducing the stress and the state of mind. There are several benefits in terrace or balcony gardening.

Let’s read a few ways how terrace or balcony gardening acts as a stress buster:

Physical exertion: Gardening involves physical activities like sowing, planting, watering, raking, pruning, weeding, harvesting, spraying and cleaning. Always a little manual work relieves stress. It is a physical outlet for our body to exert the stress. When our body as sufficient physical activity automatically our mind is relaxed and clam by focusing on one particular activity.

Sunlight: Gardening exposes you to sunlight and fresh air from the plants which in turn alter the receptor cells in the brain which results in mental calmness and boosts your immunity. It allows your body to absorb vitamin D,it is good for your health.

Meditation:  Gardening is often repetitive and focused activity. It offers a quiet space for self-inspection. You may feel clear view after spending time in the garden, even if you haven’t been thinking about anything important. It allows your mind to relax and take a break from daily routine stressed life.

Perspective: Gardening is an act of hope for tomorrow. We sow seeds and believe that they will grow. As we see a seed grows in to a small plant with love and care. The perception of life changes, and motivates us. Gardening helps us in shifting our focus away from daily anxiety and stress.

Getting in Touch With Nature:

“A garden is a place where we can relax and reconnect with the real world the way our ancestors did all day, every day.”

Gardening helps in being in touch with nature and the great outdoors activity can help you feel more relaxed from the stresses of daily life. Most of the time we spend indoors at work, at home watching television etc, many people feel an urge to connect with nature that goes unfulfilled. Visiting a park or scenic place each day is impossible due to the shortage of time. If you have a garden at home on your terraces and balconies, helps you to get connected with the nature.

Break From Routine Life: Gardening helps in reliving from your routine mechanical life where we hardly spend time for ourselves as well as for family. Gardening gives us atleast half an hour in a day to spend in garden with family and helps in bonding and sharing, which eventually reduces stress.

Gardening Ideas for Stress Management:If you struggling with anxiety, depression and love to garden, why not use your gardening skills to grow something that can also promote stress relief?

You could grow vegetables in your terrace or balcony garden that are high in Calcium, Magnesium and B Vitamins, vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, sweet potatoes and cauliflower also contains complex high carbohydrates.

“Don’t let phone calls, texts, emails, and social media of the virtual world intrude on your gardening time. “Most of the days are filled with multitasking from dawn to dusk, make this a time to relax and do only one thing, and do it mindfully with rejoicing.”

You can also consider growing an herb garden! Fresh herbs are healthy and highly nutritive. There are few herbs that are used for natural stress relief. Herbs like passion flower, lemon balm, lemon grass, thyme etc. Few flowers, plants and herbs are used for stress relief through aromatherapy. For example, lavender helps in inducing stress.

Welcome visitors to your garden-You can invite birds, butterflies and other animal’s visitors into your garden and provide a safe and friendly habitat for birds, insects, and other animals to conserve in your garden. Their presence adds a value to the garden and harmony.