Our Customer Mrs Sushila Bansal Ma'am Feedback on Magic Planter Box

Magic Planter Box, is a magical invention to Make gardening easier by amplifying the space”


One of our more popular products, Magic Planter Boxes are made of GI metal and can be used as containers to nurture your favorite plants. Entire box is designed in such a way that all time aeration is provided to plant roots by small transparent holes surrounding the box and lined with geo-textile which avoids the loss of potting media that can be used efficiently for more than 5 years without replacing it.

       Something more about Magic Planter Box

  • Can be used for both Indoor and Outdoor.
  • Good depth & good amount of potting mix allows you to grow any kind of crop with deeper roots.
  • Mixed cropping can be implemented in a single container.
  • Scientifically designed stand – Not much bending to do maintenance so no strain while gardening.
  • Premium design to match your thoughts.
  • Inbuilt Stand.
  • GT membrane to filter the excess of water.
  • No soil loss or seepage issue
  • Perfect product for your Terrace/Balcony.