How to Grow Mint/Pudina at Home

How to Grow Mint/Pudina at Home

Herbs are essential part of a terrace garden.

Out of all the herbs, probably mint is the easiest one to grow at home, not only they are easy to grow but they pack loads of flavours to your food.

Herbs also act as pest repellents, thus helps in pest management of your garden organically.

Growing Conditions for Mint

Temperature:Mint grows best in 15 -25 Degree Centigrade.

Sunlight light:Mint needs around 4-6 hours of sunlight per day.

Container:Mint can be grown in 4 to 6 inch deep broad containers.

Planting Method:Mint can be grown from seeds and also from cuttings

Time to Germinate:Mint takes 7 to 15 days to germinate.

Time to Harvest from Germination:Around 40 days.

Pests and Disease Observed: None

How to Grow Mint in a Container

Mint can be grown with seeds and cuttings, though seeds are available in the market you don’t really need them as growing it with cuttings is very simple and easy.

Just take a few mature runners from the existing mint plant, remove the leaves and bury the entire runner in 1-inch depth of your pot.

Water to make the soil moist and in about 7-15 days you can see the new leaves coming out of the soil.

Mint grows vigorously. You’ll see mint spreading everywhere in your pot even from a single stalk. In about 30-40 days after your plant has taken root you can start harvesting

Mint has lots of health benefits, include this herb in salads, soups, tea and other beverages.

- Chandana Venkatesh