How to Grow Fresh Organic Vegetables and The List of Tools You Need ?

How to Grow Fresh Organic Vegetables and The List of Tools You Need ?

Every person wants to cultivate a healthy lifestyle for themselves and family by consuming more organic foods, to decrease the amount of pesticides and to conserve the environment for the next generation. But take a look at your grocery store receipt and you know that purchasing organic can get very expensive, very fast. Luckily, there's a way to grow your own delicious, fresh vegetables and fruits while having fun and learning at organic vegetable gardening on your terrace or balcony!

Don't know where to start? 

You can start at your home on terraces or balconies, with just a single plant or two. Don't worry if things aren't perfect right away.

Organic gardening means synthetic or inorganic fertilizers or pesticides are not used. There are arrays of tools you can use to support you in gardening and plant health.

Gardening in container allows you to be creative and personal in decorating your environment as well as help you to grow healthy plants in limited space. You can use grow bags, jute bags and magic planter boxes as a containers. If you stay in a rented place, you don’t have to leave your beloved garden behind. You can take the plants with you when you move, with these containers.

Here are few steps to growing fresh organic vegetables in terraces or balconies:

Getting started to grow fresh organic vegetables


Selection of containers to grow different kinds of vegetables you want. Size does matter for fruit vegetables medium size -grow bags and evergreen green planter box is appropriate, for creepers you can select large size – grow bags and for fruit plants extra large grow and fruit planter box can be selected.

Sunlight Requirement

It is essential requirement for the plants to grow atleast 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight is required to grow vegetables.

So make sure you select the area with maximum amount of sunrays at your terraces or balcony and make sure no artificial shade covers the garden like tall trees or any buildings. 

Preparing the Soil

In order to grow a healthy new organic vegetable garden, you'll want to make sure the soil is appropriate to grow vegetables and fruits. You have to eat, and so do plants, so make sure your vegetables get lots of nutrients and other essential minerals. Healthy soil helps build up strong, productive plants.Potting mix is the best media to grow organic vegetables in your terraces and balconies which consistent of red soil, vermin-compost, coco peat with addition of various nutrients to provide the plants with all the essential requirements. Potting mix is lightweight, and free from disease and contaminates. They help in retaining the water in the container, and also create small air pockets that help the roots breathe.

Choosing the Right seeds and saplings according to climate and season

The selection of the seeds should be done depending upon the climate and region. All vegetables don’t grow throughout the year, according to the season they grow hence the select the according to the season chart.

Planting Crops

Plants such as vegetables, fruits and ornamentals should be sown or planted in individual grow bags or magic planter box and helps in receiving the sufficient amount of compost and nutrients. By using of seed chart, spacing of the plants helps promote air circulation, which repels fungal attacks. It's a good idea to thin crops. 


The best time to water your plants is usually in the early morning. Early Mornings tend to be cool with less wind, so the amount of water lost to evaporation is reduced. If you water in the evening, potting mix stay damp overnight, making them more prone to fungal and bacterial diseases. Watering can be done by automatic drip system or by using watering cans with rose. 

Always check for the moisture content in the potting mix before watering. Don’t excess water the plants, the essential nutrients dissolves and are drained out from the container.

Now you are ready to grow!

Basic tools and materials needed for organic vegetable gardening

Let’s start gardening with the tools you'll need for growing vegetables.

Hand Trowel
Hand trowels or hand shovels are also great garden tools used mostly for planting but can also be used for weeding, digging the potting media and loosen up the potting media and also you can keep your hands clean from the dirt and saves time. Some trowels have one serrated edge for cutting, some have etched measurements to help you plant at the correct depth, and vary in width.

Hand Pruners
Secateurs are
also called as hand pruners and are a type of plant scissors. They are strong enough to prune hard branches of trees and shrubs up to two centimeter thickness. The need of secateurs arose to cut the branches or twigs, which are difficult to cut by pruning knives. It’s handy and easy to use, it is considered as an essential tool of the gardener in plant propagation. Pruning secateurs are designed for cutting of unwanted branches or twigs, cutting of scion sticks, defoliation of leaves from the sticks and topping of small trees and harvesting. 

Hand Weeder

Hand weeder is used to remove the weeds and unwanted plants from your plant containers in the garden. The need of hand weeder is to pull out easily the weeds along with deep roots without disturbing the roots of the main crop.

Hand Sprayer

Hand sprayers are used for water spray, liquid nutrients to avoid pest and disease infestation. The capacity of Hand sprayer is 1 litre and 1.5 litre with nozzle adjustment. The spray nozzle can be adjusted precisely from coarse, drenching coverage to a very fine mist to a long-range pinpointed stream. It is used to provide microclimate for the plants by water sprays during hot summer, to enhance plant growth easily by nutrient sprays and effectiveness of medicine spray. It is easy to spray underneath the leaves, where the infestation of pest and disease is more.

Gloves are very important in maintaining the organic vegetable garden. Some gardeners are sensitive or allergic to certain plants and it is also useful for those who wish not o touch the caterpillars or snail when plucking it off the plant, while these garden gloves will also help you by protecting your hands from thorns and keeps your hands clean.

Watering can

A portable container of with a handle and a spout attached to a rose. A rose is a cap like structure with small holes, used to water the plants by hand. The capacity of the container is 5 litres. Used for Watering indoor and outdoor plants, spraying the foliage leaves and seedlings and helps in retaining the sown seeds.

In the present future, organic terrace garden plays a vital role. While before starting the organic terrace garden, you have to know the 10 STEP GUIDE TO BUILD A TERRACE GARDEN. Also, you can consider the FIVE BALCONY GARDENING TIPS WHICH YOU NEED TO KNOW. Tools are very useful for the Organic Terrace Gardening with these tools, you can make the beautiful garden that you can take care very easily.