How to control White flies in Your garden???

How to control White flies in Your garden???

Controlling of pests is biggest task for many of us. Many have these question, right? You will ask many people saying that I give a regular medicine spray to my plants, but it is not working.

Firstly, let us know in which are all the plants we can find White flies.We can find these insects majorly on Vegetables like Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli, Capsicum, Potato, Beans, Cucumber, Beans, Dolichos etc.

In fruit plants we can find White flies in mango, Citrus, Guava, Grapes, Sapota etc.

In some of the ornamental and medicinal plants also we can see these insects.

White flies in Guava



Now here we are some solutions how to get rid of these white flies.

Installation of yellow sticky traps and reflective mulches.

At initial stages of infestation give a water spray.

Spray Sasyarakshak @ 10ml/Ltrs at initial stages of infestation.

Spray neem oil @ 10 ml/lt.

Application Imidacloprid 0.5 ml/litre of water.

Application of Sap Suck MAST 0.5ml/litre of water

Yellow Sticky traps:

Sasyarakshak  :

Neem oil :