How to Choose the Best Potting Mix Online for Vegetable Gardening at Home

How to Choose the Best Potting Mix Online for Vegetable Gardening at Home

What is a potting mix?

Potting mix is a growth media, which contains all the essential nutrients for a plant to grow. To grow vegetables and fruits the soil must be nutrient rich. Almost all vegetables and fruits can be grown in pots, grow bags, magic planter boxes. Potting mix is light and porous which allows roots to grow and absorb sufficient nutrients.


To choose the best potting mix online you need to check on the following-


1. First, Most important aspect is the potting mix ingredients - Potting Mix should contain all the essential nutrients which is required for a healthy plant grow.

Below listed are the potting mix ingredients and its percentage-

Potting Mix ingredients



Coco peat


Vermi compost


Red soil


Neem powder


Bone meal


Pongamia cake


Humic granules




Bio enzyme


Seaweed extract




Cow dung





Potting mix ingredient is very important so we need to check it before purchasing online. For a plant to grow healthy it is important to provide the entire plant nutrient. Each nutrient plays an essential role for the growth of a healthy plant.

Potting mix is made out of various combinations- here are few combinations- 

                                i.            Coco peat and vermicompost,

                              ii.            Cocopeat,  vermicompost and red soil,

                            iii.            Red soil, plant food and Coco peat

                            iv.            Vermicompost, plant food, cow dung and red soil.

2. Secondly, go through the product description-

 Potting mix is a growing media specially made for terrace gardening and is composed of 16 different organics nutrient in perfect combination which comprise of macro, micro and trace element. Potting mix should contain all the nutrients like macro, micro and trace elements. So always choose the potting mix which contains all the nutrients for the plant. A complete nutrient profile provides better yields.

For terrace/balcony gardening, potting mix is the basic material which can be used as media. Good plant growth, quality and yield of vegetables can be expected only when we use a high quality nutritional potting mix and apart from the nutrients it’s should be able to retain the water.

When the potting mix is porous it allows the roots to grow to its maximum and able to absorb the nutrients from the potting mix. When coco peat is present, the potting mix helps to retain the water and maintains the moisture in the soil.

Advantages of potting mix:

      • Nutrition- rich media
      • Moisture retention
      • Fertile soil
      • Free from weeds
      • Improves the yield of the plants
      • Long life-Potting mix lasts for more than 5 years provided if you top up the potting mix with all the nutrient ingredients regularly.

3.Finally, the Reviews of the customers, Images of the customer’s garden and company’s social media page.

When you visit your friends or relatives lush green garden, the first question that comes to your mind is what potting mix is used and from where have they purchased it.

When you look out for the customer’s garden photograph and review the quality of the potting mix can be examined on website or facebook page. The review of the customers and customer’s garden photography will ensure the quality.