Benefits of Using Metal Stands to setup Organic Garden

Benefits of Using Metal Stands to setup Organic Garden

Everyone wants to bring a touch of the green jungle into their urban homes due to the constraint of space and time.

Setup your urban organic terrace or balcony garden using metal stand to beautify and provide aesthetic look, increases the garden space and make gardening easy, beautifully display plants, flowers, and garden decorations on a multi-level planter stand for garden lovers. The metal stands can be of different types which can be used indoor, outdoor and patio. 

METAL- It is extremely durable and strong material which is made up of mild steel or galvanized iron which is very convenient in gardening.

Metal stand helps in organizing and arranging your plants in the garden according to your needs to provide a visual delicacy to your home. Give your home or patio the perfect combination of modern style and natural beauty with this pleasant garden stand made of Mild steel sq2 metal, 16 gauge which is base quoted with red oxide that avoids rusting of metal upon which another layer of green paint is applied and suitable for indoor, outdoor and patio. A perfect decoration tools to decorate home, garden, patio and more. When you're ready to bring organization and style to your indoor or outdoor space, this metal garden stand display will help you do just that. 

It helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the garden indoor and outdoor with regard to people cannot lift the pots, grow bags or any container due to its weight and are not able to clean the spot with mud stains or water logs due to which it makes a perfect habitat for several insects underneath the containers. The usage of the stands provides elevation of the containers which helps in cleanliness of the garden.

Placing your plant container on the stand reduces the seepage issues in your terrace and balcony and provides sufficient aeration underneath the plant container.

In urban cities space is constrain for gardening by using stands like vertical stands, double step or triple step stand you can expand your garden with more number of plants in a limited space. 

Stand help in reducing of stain while gardening.

Stand can be of many types- 

Vertical Stands

Garden stand can be used for vertical gardening indoor or outdoor. Indoor plants have been proven by research to detoxify polluted air and regulate humidity, while taking care of the plants can be an enjoyable, stress-buster and mindfulness activity.

Garden stands are a creative way to showcase your indoor gardening skills and they serve as an excellent aesthetic decoration of the plant.

Balcony Stands

Garden stand can be used for balcony for multiple layering of plant stands from smaller to bigger container; there is something to suit every budget and space. All integrated for balcony use, durable enough to last for years and design your balcony.

Terrace Stands

There are of two types of terrace stands multiple step stand and Magic planter Boxes.

It can be used in terraces to maintain, helps in cleanliness, multiple layering of plant stands from smaller to bigger container; there is something to suit every budget and space. All integrated for balcony use, durable enough to last for years and design your Terraces.

The specialty of my dream garden stands are one of the best innovation in urban organic gardening is “Magic Planter Box”

Magic Planter box is made out of Galvanized Iron which is rust proof and metal coated with zinc, which is commonly used in electric poles and automobiles. 

Use of Magic Planter box-

  • Can be used for both Indoor and Outdoor urban organic gardening.
  • It has good depth & hold sufficient amount of potting mix allows you to grow any kind of crop with deeper roots.
  • Mixed cropping can be implemented in a single container.
  • Scientifically designed stand – Not much bending to do maintenance so no strain while gardening.
  • Premium design to match your thoughts. 
  • Inbuilt Stand.
  • GT membrane to filter the excess of water.
  • No soil loss or seepage issue
  • Perfect product for your Terrace/Balcony.

Herbal & Kitchen Gardening

Garden stands can be used for kitchen gardening or herbal gardening, few square feet allotted to growing herbs outside or inside the kitchen or along the patio can also serve fresh herbs for daily use. Their foliage color and texture blends in well with just about any herbs planted in the kitchen. Herbs are extremely useful and attractive when placed on garden stands. A single herb can be grown in a container as plant or several herbs can be planted together with the help of the stand to give a culinary herb garden.

These are few Herbs which grow well in Container for Kitchen or Herbal Gardening:

Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint, Parsley etc. 


Garden stands can be used in greenhouse which is ideal for starting seedlings, protecting young saplings or to get an organized green house. A greenhouse makes gardening easier, enjoyable and passionate for garden lovers.


Plants rejuvenate and energize the home! In an era where connecting with nature often requires scheduled trips, bringing the outdoors inside is a welcome relief from the concrete cities that makes up our everyday surroundings. But what if you're shortage on space to accommodate plants you can use garden metal stands as an innovative and artistic creation to your garden by utilizing the vertical garden space.