APHIDS : The tiny green yellowish bugs on my plants

APHIDS : The tiny green yellowish bugs on my plants

What are these tiny green yellowish bugs on my plants?

These are called Aphids- Tiny green, yellowish, black pear shaped bugs.

How to identify Aphids ?

  • These are tiny black or yellow or brown pear shaped insects which are minute and mostly found underneath the leaf.
  • Aphids secretes a sticky residue called “honeydew”, black sooty mould develops on the leaves.
  • Due to this honeydew secretion, ants are attracted to the plants.
  • Infestation of aphids on plants results in curling, yellowing of leaves and wilting of the plants.

How to Control and Prevent Aphids in your garden Prevention Measures

When the temperature is around 20 - 35°C, it is a favorable condition for the aphids to habitat and in the presences of excess watering.

We can prevent our garden from infesting the plants by avoiding excess watering during cool conditions, having pest repellent plants like mint, coriander, peppermint etc. Make sure that healthy saplings are transplanted.

Control Measures

Observer the plants daily and check for the pest infestation. Initial stage of infestation give a jet spray of water with high pressure. Pinch of the infected leaves or use natural predators likes ladybugs or lacewings. Spray Sasyarakshak of 10 ml/Litre of water and make sure that the lower parts of the leaves are sprayed.