Bamboo is one of the most beautiful & natural product available to decor your home. Being versatile bamboo also adds a traditional look to your indoor & outdoor space. Raw & green bamboos are burnt to increase the longevity & varnished to provide glossy look, over a period of time green bamboo turns yellow as exposed to sunlight & ageing

One of the best way of how bamboo can be included is by having bamboo wall. It is utilizing your vertical wall to place closing attached bamboo sticks so that it covers the wall & give aesthetic look.

Plant lovers can also add half wall pots with plants by drilling a screw in bamboo, plants selection may vary based on bamboo wall placement

Bamboo wall is available in

Half cut bamboo wall- Whole bamboo is cut into 2 halves vertically & attached closely using a nail forming a wall structure used to fix on vertical wall so that the other face of the cut bamboo is not visible

Whole bamboo wall- In this technique the whole bamboo is used so that both the sides bulged bamboo is seen; usually this is used for partition & aesthetic view

Depending on the client requirement bamboo wall can be designed both Horizontally & Vertically

Where you can place Bamboo wall

  • Majorly bamboo wall will be fixed on vertical walls on terrace, balcony & indoor
  • Whole bamboo can be used for partition purpose too
  • To enhance the beauty of bamboo wall half wall pots with plants can also be added

NOTE: Bamboo wall is completely customized product depending on wall dimension