“The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land” Yes, the time has come – Now convert your balconies into beautiful garden area. Everyone’s dream is to have a small garden in their homes, however in this urban world balcony is the only option to setup a garden. Creating a green space not only is therapeutic but adds beauty to the home. For those who wanted to add value to their available spaces we have come up with innovative balcony gardens to beautify their sitting area.

Types of balcony garden

Flower balcony garden Now decor your balcony with color full flowers that are suitable and give life to your balconies Artificial grass Give a green look to your balcony and convert it to a beautiful sit out area to spend some quality time Wooden deck Gives a vintage and natural unique look to your balcony with low maintenance. Railing pots and hanging garden Even a balcony with zero space can be beautified by using these color full pots with some hanging plants and flowering bushy plants Vertical garden Best possible way to utilize the space for tiny apartment balcony garden, consider installing a vertical garden to beautify it. Fixing decor pots with some wall creepers

Indoor and ornamental plants for vertical space

Vertical garden with indoor plants has been a common way of utilizing your vertical space, if indoor plants with air purifying ability will make worth utilizing the waste space, minimum 1 hour of sunlight is highly sufficient to keep plants health under check on the other hand handing vertical garden with ornamental plants can create a scenic beauty with their wide variations of color & varigations which makes your indoor space colorful & beautiful

Herbal plants in Vertical garden

If your balcony is receiving more than 3 hours of sunlight then you can plan some herbs and leafy greens in your balcony with regular maintenance a mini herbal garden can also be made which can be a mini medical shop for your home