Artificial Vertical Garden

Artificial vertical gardens are a green wall structure intentionally made up of fake plants standing vertically with the help of interlocking panels. High quality artificial vertical garden is lifelike, low maintenance cost and long lasting, while lower quality ones may appear overly glossy and synthetic. These have become more common these days due to their zero maintenance & the wall will always look lush green in colour.

The benefits of using Artificial Green Walls in your home & office
The cost of an artificial vertical garden is much lower than a living one, and there are no continuous costs for maintenance. You don’t have to worry about placing the garden in front of or near UV light, because it will never die. The Best part is you don’t have to water it at all.
An artificial green wall looks just as good outdoors as it does indoors! Different panels are available, which are best suited for one area or the other.
It’s very easy to get a realistic looking with artificial wall garden. Artificial wall mat look great anywhere. As soon as it’s installed, you will be looking at a vibrant green wall. The best part is you no need to remove dead leaves or branches.
Artificial wall garden can be installed anywhere to complete your landscaping design.