About Us

About Us


Making Next Generation Farmers, Farming & Forest Ready.


By Informing, Inspiring, Involving, Improving. Through Communities, Gardners, Products and services by enabling all eco friendly humans, to adapt Sustainability in there day to day life, in one or other practically implementing ways.

The only place we feel safe and secure is our home, hold it safe for future generation

Life changes with change in lifestyle

Let’s populate the polluted world with green,

Let’s spread gardens, no more garbage,

Let’s get rich in health, let’s grow together,

Share the future generation a treasure, some pleasure and more green.

To promote environment-friendly nature and chemical free vegetables.

To create awareness and training program on organic terrace gardening

To bring down the hazardous chemical effects on health and environment

To provide simple ways of gardening, which allows even children and elders to showcase their interest in gardening

To help every citizen in managing the garbage at home.

To provide green essence on every terrace and empty space.

Our Story

2012, a new era of gardening…

We were in a phase of contamination, the food we consume, the air we inhale, the water we drink, the soil we grow plants.

One of the best possible ways to stay safe is to plant trees, in possible organic methodologies. We came up with a solution, and we name it “My Dream Garden” to help every citizen to grow their own organic dream garden with vegetables, fruits and herbs on their terraces and balconies.

Our Leader, Mr. Ashok Kumar K. C is inspired from what life taught him, to make a difference in life, he united people who perfectly fits into his dream project, creating dream gardens.

A small step to reduce garbage disposal, lessen effort for gardening, gathering mental peace.

Being metropolitan residents, ,it is tough to get fertile soil, and difficult to dispose it later.

Mr. Ashok says: “Waste from your home, shouldn’t be garbage for your neighbors next door”

A similar experience with garbage left him with unanswered questions; could we not do something more productive with it? In search of answers, Mr. Ashok Kumar turned towards gathering shredded leaves along with his mother and reused that garbage as Compost.

Gathered required knowledge about urban gardening…

All started with a passion towards agriculture, an American company “Fiber Dust, Glastonbury”, introduced terrace gardening in Bangalore and Ashok Kumar was attracted to the innovative idea and took up a franchise. His never-ending experiments with different materials & proportions for about 2 years of the survey on urban organic farming with Horticulture centers and Agriculture experts; centers got succeeded with better results, improvements in crop yield, , which best resulted in vegetables and fruits.

With this analysis on urban farming, and successful compositions of potting mixture, which lasts more than 5 years with just a top up of vermicompost after each crop; this eventually reduces the need of soil disposal, as we re-use.

Mr. Ashok says: “Gardening is a therapy, it just fills spaces in mind, with no meditation, It is just like giving a life, and we feel it when each seed germinates”

Join hands together to make our city a better place to live.

Our Efforts To Help You For Happy Gardening

For the first time in India, We Introduce different sizes of long-lasting containers for potting media, we call them Grow Bags, to move easily with less effort, and grow all your dream plants though if you don’t possess a land.

We conduct workshops, to share our knowledge on gardening, we teach you on pest control, watering the plants, harvesting, gardening tips, and different ways of sowing.

We make you feel comfortable to garden, with less cost and easy to access material.

Decomposing waste is difficult; we share our experiences with how to convert your kitchen waste into compost.

We provide different accessories to create a perfect environment for your plants to grow.



  • We share some proud moments, when we make a small difference it means a lot.
  • Conducted 900+ training workshops in Bangalore and across Karnataka.
  • We educated nearly 65000+ People, shared our knowledge in simple ways of gardening
  • 15000 people Started their new gardens, in association with My Dream Garden
  • 6000+ people Started to convert their kitchen waste into compost, and implementing in their day -today life
  • 6500000Kgs- Waste is being converted into compost, instead of garbage.
  • 3000 + Gardens were created by team My Dream Garden, we cherish the moments when they yield.
  • My Dream Garden is a part of taking training sessions in Horticulture Department, Karnataka and Lalbagh Training Centre.