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Krishi Mela - Nov 2017
10/19/2017 4:51 PM  |  Events
In association with Government of Karnataka is celebrating the KRISHI MELA 2017: Bringing new techniques and ideas to the farmers, on 16th, 17th & 18th November 2017 at GKVK Campus, Bangalore, Karnataka.
Oota From Your Thota
8/21/2017 11:35 AM  |  Events


Our biggest organic gardening fair for the year is here!

Join us to learn, experience organic gardening to help for those who want a fresh environment with decorating your balconies, passages, front space, indoor and mainly to grow fresh and organic vegetables on an empty terrace or space around.

Kitchen Gardening Awareness and Hands On Training Program
8/14/2017 1:59 PM  |  Events

Department of Horticulture in Association with Kasturinagar Rising invites residents in and around Kasturinagar for 'Kitchen Gardening Awareness and Hands on Training Program'

Grow your own food, or at least some of it
6/4/2017 8:50 PM  |  In News

As more people realise the benefit of growing their own foods, kitchen gardens are coming back in vogue. Urban horticulture enthusiasts are taking to their terraces and walls to set up innovative gardens at home.

Tips For Complete Plant Nutrients
6/4/2017 7:37 PM  |  Plant Nutrients

Plants require 17 nutrients for their overall development without which plants cannot complete their life cycle. All the 17 nutrients are equally important and play a different role in the development of plants. Yet each nutrient is required in different amounts. So, they are grouped in 3 categories like primary macronutrients, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients. 

Workshop on Organic Terrace Gardening and Home Composting on 28th May
6/2/2017 2:02 AM  |  Videos
Workshop on Organic Terrace Gardening and Home Composting on 28th May
Pest and Disease Management
5/31/2017 8:09 PM  |  Pest Control

Climate change affects human health in different ways like getting attacked by various diseases and viruses. Similarly, Plants also get affected by climate change; they also get attacked by various diseases and pests. Diseases and pests have a potential to spoil the plants and the produced yield. Sometimes they even attack the healthy plants. So, a regular visit to your garden and observing plants is important to identify whether plants are affected by any diseases and pests. 

How to Sow Seeds
5/31/2017 7:16 PM  |  Get Started

Sowing seeds is an art. Proper germination is the result of proper sowing. Select some seeds. Selected seeds must be well dried, matured, disease free, weed free. Avoid selecting unmatured seeds, damaged seeds

Need of Sunlight for Plants
5/30/2017 8:17 PM  |  Get Started

Photosynthesis is the process that allows plants to prepare their own food by using water, carbon dioxide, sunlight and nutrients. It occurs in the green cells (called [....]

Insect Eggs
5/30/2017 3:05 PM  |  Gardening Tips   |  My Dream Garden

How to control Insect Eggs.

Butterfly and Caterpillar
5/30/2017 2:25 PM  |  Gardening Tips

How to control Butterfly and Caterpillar.

How To Water The Plants
5/29/2017 8:20 PM  |  Get Started

It is often difficult to gauge how much water for container garden plants is necessary. There is a fine line between drought and soggy soil, and either one can be detrimental to plant health. Summer is the most difficult time for container plant watering. Some tips and hints can help the gardener determine when to water container plants. Container Plant Watering: How Much And How Often To Water Potted Plants.

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