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My Dream Garden is a leading urban farming company in india. Which is exclusive in facilitating and guiding people to grow their own chemical free foods on the Terrace, Balcony & Empty land. My Dream Garden come up with an extraordinary potting mix which is unique and need very less maintenance.

Helping for those who want a fresh environment with decorating balconies, front space, indoor and terrace to grow fresh organic vegetables on empty space.

Mr. Ashok Kumar K.C - Founder & CEO

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Niveditha Reddy

“I attended the workshop conducted by My Dream Garden. Many of us would like to have a desire to grow and have plants but we not have the proper guidance on how to do it. Attending the workshop will help you in all aspects of setting up your garden. You will get to learn from the start with the selection of media and container to maintaining the grown-up plant. If you have the desire to learn about gardening and have your own. Would recommend the workshop.”

Harish Lakshminarayana

“I have visited your garden at Banaswadi, Bangalore. It was a wonderful experience to see all types of fruit and vegetable varieties and it is well maintained. Had a great experience and knowledge about gardening, so I am planning to make my dream garden on our house terrace. Thank you My Dream Garden...”

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Our focus is on the 6 key areas of life - Garbage, Healthy Food, Elders, Kids & Future that usually we concern about. We tend to ignore the areas are important to be taken care in our busy lifestyles. If only we have a garden we can address few but again, garden cannot solve many problems around, can definitely provide a better environment around. When each of us hold hands together to work on having a better future and having a better care for all 6 key areas in life, we can build a better future for our future generations.

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